Competing for Caregivers: How to Win the Fight for Quality Employees

Caregiver shortages are the top threat to most home care providers. The truth is that there are more people working as caregivers than ever before—but you’re competing for their time with other senior care providers as well as business giants like Amazon, Uber, and Walmart.

The 2019 Home Care Benchmarking Study was expanded from past editions specifically to help home care agencies find solutions to caregiver shortages. Join the CEOs of Home Care Pulse and myCNAjobs as they discuss findings from the 2019 Benchmarking Study as well as the myCNAjobs 2019 Trend Report that can help you get competitive and win the fight for quality caregivers.

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  • Learn the latest recruitment trends and find out which sources the most successful agencies are using

  • Find out which benefits other agencies are offering—and which benefits are most important to caregivers

  • Attend a Q&A session to get your questions answered and tap into insights from two top industry CEOs

Presented by:

Todd Austin

Todd Austin | COO
Home Care Pulse

An Idaho-born sales and marketing expert, Todd Austin is recognized as an important voice in the up and coming home care industry. Todd has led record-breaking sales teams for over a decade and taken leadership roles in several fast-growing technology companies. A sought-after speaker and innovative thinker in-home care, he is passionate about delivering resonant messages, growing businesses, and helping others achieve their potential. Before his time at Home Care Pulse, he led teams for both million and billion-dollar organizations. Outside the office, you can find Todd spending time with his family or out on the golf course.

Lynsey Skinner, Home Care Pulse

Brandi Kurtyka | CEO

Brandi Kurtyka is Co-Founding CEO of myCNAjobs and a national caregiver recruitment speaker.  As God-fearing Christians, Kurtyka and her husband were called to pave the way to provide the best care by empowering those that deliver it. Prior to myCNAjobs, Brandi led digital marketing for the world’s largest marketing research agency and served in various executive roles for both healthcare and recruitment companies in Chicago.

She’s on a mission to arm healthcare recruiters with more insight about caregiver motivations to fuel the hiring and retention of a workforce plagued with high turnover.

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