Home-Based Care – How to Escape the Revolving Doors of Recruitment and Retention 

On average, home-based care providers are spending almost $175,000 a year in turnover costs for employees who last a maximum of 12 weeks.

It’s safe to say that traditional hiring and retention methods aren’t working and haven’t been for a long time.

In this 60-minute webinar, you’ll learn how some home-based care providers are bucking the trend and transforming their recruitment and retention success by knowing how to:

  • Evaluate the Current State of the Home-Based Care Recruitment and Retention Landscape
  • Implement Best Practices to Prevent New Hire Turnover and Increase Long-Term Employee Loyalty
  • Win the Competition for the Industry’s Best Hires

Register today to learn their secrets to success so you can finally escape the revolving doors of recruitment and retention.

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Bryan White
Co-Founder | Pre·Intent

Josh Kondik
VP of Sales Strategy and Operations | HCP

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