How to Train Your Schedulers to Retain More Caregivers

Our schedulers are often our first line of defense—it’s important that they have the training they need to be confident and successful in their roles.

With the ongoing struggle to find and hire quality caregivers, it’s essential to double down on retention. Tune in to learn how to turn your schedulers into client/caregiver retention gurus.

Join Linda Leekley and Brandy Morgan from Home Care Pulse as they discuss:

  • How to build a foundation of success for schedulers

  • Which soft skills can be hired for and others to be trained on

  • The importance of over-communication, but going about it in the right way

  • How to improve client/caregiver compatibility and satisfaction through scheduling


Linda Leekley
Clinical Content Officer, Home Care Pulse

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Brandy Morgan
Clinical Content Writer, Home Care Pulse

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