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Aaron Marcum

Aaron Marcum

What will be covered?

Based upon five years of research conducted by Home Care Pulse, we have found that Leaders in home care place their efforts and emphasis on similar things. Two of the most common areas they focus on as a group are 1) consistently improving The Client Experience/Satisfaction and 2) consistently seeking for more client referrals. Those providers who have the greatest success with client referrals typically have an organized Client Referral Program that they follow. In December’s Core Webinar presentation, Aaron Marcum, CEO and Founder of Home Care Pulse, will explore why you should create and formalize a Client Referral Program and how to successfully put it together. Attendees will walk away with a better understanding of the impact a Client Referral Program can have on their business. Please join us this month for this important event. By attending, you will receive a free Client Referral Program tool designed to help you get started on building your own successful program.

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