Strategies and Insights for Improving the Financial Performance of your Home Care Business

Last year – 2020 – had a devastating effect on the financial performance of many home care companies. This year – 2021 – presents an exciting opportunity for you to grow your business and improve your financial results.

Join Stephen Tweed, the founder and CEO of Leading Home Care, a Tweed Jeffries company, as he gives you specific strategies and insights to grow your top-line revenue, and improve the financial performance of your home care company.

He’ll be discussing:

  • The elements of financial performance in home care

  • The top ways to grow your bottom line

  • How to improve your gross margin

  • Critical metrics you should be tracking to achieve results

  • Keys to reducing caregiver turnover

If you’re a home care agency owner who would really like to have better financial performance in 2021, tune in to hear Stephen’s top profit and growth strategies.



Stephen Tweed
Founder & CEO, Leading Home Care

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