Ten Reasons Your Agency Might Be Losing Money Without Realizing It

Most of the agencies reading this are missing out on a chunk of potential revenue before they even see it because of negative client experiences that they never hear about.

It’s easy to recognize the importance of acquiring new clients through marketing efforts, but many home care agencies fail to recognize the importance of maximizing per-client revenue through better retention.

And while client turnover often isn’t viewed with the same urgency as caregiver turnover, the truth is that client turnover is a major issue that costs home care agencies thousands of dollars each year in foregone revenue.

Join Todd Austin, COO of Home Care Pulse, as he discusses:

  • Three major ways that you might be missing out on revenue

  • Hard data from our surveys showing the top ten complaints from home care clients that they didn’t feel comfortable telling their agencies directly

  • Best practices and processes to build a foundation for long-term, client-led growth



Todd Austin
COO, Home Care Pulse

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