The State of Home Care in 2022

As “these unprecedented times” became the day-to-day, agencies changed up their strategies, pioneered new approaches, and thrived in 2021. Now the results of their efforts are in—and they’re surprising.

With the release of the 2022 HCP Benchmarking Report, we have new data and insights on how home care agencies have been affected by ongoing industry challenges, and how the most successful agencies have overcome them.

Join Todd Austin, President of Home Care Pulse, as he reviews emerging trends, business insights, and actionable data gathered from hundreds of agencies across the nation in the industry’s most comprehensive Report.

In this free webinar, Todd will cover:
  • Unexpected data that nobody predicted last year
  • Historical caregiver recruitment and retention trends and insights
  • How the course of home care has changed, and how agencies can adjust
  • How the past year will shape the next three


Todd Austin
Home Care Pulse

Brian Zeichick
Chief Product Officer
Home Care Pulse

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