Understanding the Psychology of Caregivers

We’ve reached the tipping point. In just under eight years, caregiver shortages will rise to over 150,000, making recruitment more difficult than ever.

With caregivers being in such high demand, we can no longer expect them to come to us; we must adapt to them.

Join Amber Monroe, Director of Customer Success at Home Care Pulse, and Nikki Holles, VP of HR at Right at Home, as they share how to navigate workforce shortages by understanding the mindset of a caregiver and the psychology behind their behaviors, needs, and wants.
During the webinar, Amber and Nikki will discuss:
  • How to create work environments that support different caregiver personality traits
  • The most common traits and demographics of caregivers
  • How to use personality tests to better understand your team
  • Conflict points that impact caregiver engagement and retention
  • Why job satisfaction is the key the improving your recruitment and retention efforts
If you can’t make it to the live event, register anyway and we’ll send you the recording as soon as it’s available.


Amber Monroe
Director of Customer Success,
Home Care Pulse

Nikki Holles
PHR, SHRM, Vice President of Human Resources
Right at Home

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