What Agencies Are Failing to Address About Workforce Shortages (And Why the Solution Isn’t What Everyone’s Been Telling You)

According to the data, there’s not a single agency across the country that’s been spared from the impact of workforce shortages.

As an industry, we’re losing post-acute care workers faster than we can hire them. 57% of employees leave their agency within the first 3 months of employment, and those who do stay are likely to be unengaged, burnt out, or actively seeking new opportunities (sometimes outside of the care continuum).

The good news: There’s a solution. The bad news: It’s not what everyone’s been telling you to do.

You’ve probably heard once or twice (or hundreds of times) that you should just pay your staff more. While it might sound like a quick fix, it’s really just a band-aid that avoids the real issue. Employees say that pay can have an impact on their satisfaction, but it isn’t enough for them to stay anymore.

Join Kristen Duell, HCP’s new Chief Marketing Officer, Matt Kroll, President of Assistive Care Services at BAYADA, Amy Moss, SVP of Clinical Operations at Amedisys Hospice, and Jason Banks, VP of Post-Acute Business Development at nVoq, to discuss what will really reverse turnover and re-engage post-acute care workers.

During the webinar, Kristen and Jason will break down:
  • What your employees really want, and why your current processes aren’t working
  • Why agencies are using their pay rates to cover up the real issue of turnover and lack of engagement
  • How to outcompete other agencies and industries for employees by offering the support your care team really needs
If you can’t make it to the live event, register anyway and we’ll send you the recording as soon as it’s available.


Kristen Duell
Chief Marketing Officer,
Home Care Pulse

Jason Banks
Vice President, Post-Acute Care Sales, nVoq
Dr. Amy Moss
SVP, Clinical Operations Hospice,

Matt Kroll
President of Assistive Care Services,

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