‘What’s Love Got to Do With it?’ How to Create a Culture that Keeps Your Employees from Breaking Up with You

Lasting relationships are built around making your partner feel recognized and appreciated. The relationship between post-acute care providers and their employees is no different. 

Unfortunately, that relationship is at an all-time low and turnover is spiking as a result. In fact, “lack of recognition” was the number one employee complaint in the last HCP Benchmarking Report. 

So, what can you do to strengthen your relationship with employees and keep them from breaking up with you?  

On Thursday, February 15th at 2 p.m. EST, HCP’s Strategic Advisor, Chris Magleby, will answer that question by showing you: 

  • How to leverage the power of recognition to retain employees 
  • How to identify what’s working and what’s missing from your employee-employer relationship 
  • How to give recognition that resonates with your employees 
  • How to use caring to combat burnout 
  • How to create a “Culture of Love” that improves employee satisfaction, retention, and recruitment 

Bonus! All attendees receive a free employee retention eBook with a chapter on creating a culture of love.  

Register today to learn how to build a culture that cultivates lasting relationships with your employees. 


Chris Magleby
Strategic Advisor | HCP

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