Why Building a Career Ladder is the Best Recruitment & Retention Business Plan You’ll Ever Make

Professional caregiving offers one of the highest career growth opportunities out of any industry — but your employees don’t know that. Because if they did, the post-acute care industry wouldn’t rank among the top 5 industries with the highest workforce shortages.

As training continues to be the biggest complaint among employees and customers in the post-acute care industry, it’s time to start leading employee recruitment and retention with the industry’s #1 differentiator: career ladders.

Join our experts as they walk you through:

  • How to turn the industry’s #1 complaint into your company’s best marketing asset
  • Data-driven motivation tactics that get your staff to complete training before turning over
  • The importance of training for compliance and implementing specialty learning paths
  • Steps to building a career ladder that eliminates the biggest training obstacles
  • Key metrics of a successful career ladder that improves employee and customer satisfaction

Come build a career ladder with us! *No hard hat necessary.


Caleb Hendricks
Director of Sales |HCP

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