Culture Cultivation Worksheet

94% of entrepreneurs say a healthy culture at work is vital for success and 86% of job seekers avoid companies with a bad reputation*. In other words, your company culture matters…a lot!  

HCP’s Culture Cultivation Worksheet walks you through the steps to create an environment where people want to be and stay.

Use this worksheet to:  

  • Perform a culture audit 
  • Create a culture that increases satisfaction 
  • Build mutual trust throughout the company 
  • Create a meaningful company voice 
  • Improve leadership effectiveness 
  • Develop bold leadership 
  • Maximize human potential 

Get on the fast track to building a culture that attracts and retains employees and customers. Complete the form to get your free worksheet today. 

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* * (2023). Company Culture Statistics: Leadership and Engagement in 2023. TeamStage. Retrieved November 2, 2023, from Company Culture Statistics 2023: Leadership, Engagement | TeamStage