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Speakers Bureau

Our team’s focus is on giving real data and training to home care
providers so they can build the home care business they imagined having when they first started.

Our Key Speakers

Todd Austin

President &
Chief Operating Officer

Todd is the President at HCP, where he is responsible for all aspects of the business. On a mission to guide home care agencies in providing excellent care, Todd is focused on improving agencies’ insights and training, creating a world where every patient, family member, and care provider has peace of mind. He is a sought-after speaker and innovative thinker in home care with a passion for delivering unique, authentic messages. He prides himself on helping businesses, agency owners, and teams achieve their potential.

Prior to joining HCP as Chief Operations Officer, Todd gained over a decade of experience in sales, marketing, customer success, and operations at Workfront, ICCU, and Verizon.

Todd has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Outside of work, you can find him spending time with his wife, Morgan and three boys, Royce, Jones, and Benj, or playing bogey golf.

Topics covered:

  • What the Future of Home Care Looks Like

  • Creating a Care Professional Experience that Boosts Recruitment and Retention

  • Key Takeaways from the Home Care Benchmarking Report

  • Data-Driven Growth Strategies
  • Metrics for Success: The KPIs Home Care Agencies Need to Be Tracking
  • The Why and How of Getting More Online Reviews
  • Best Practices for Increasing Care Professional Retention and Recruitment
  • Proving and Improving Quality Care Through Satisfaction Management
  • The Top 5 Reasons Consumers Choose a Home Care Provider
  • Improving Care Profession Retention by Understanding Care Professional Satisfaction
  • Increasing Care Professional Retention Through Recognition
  • What Are Your Clients and Employees Saying About You
  • Reduce Care Professional Turnover and Grow Your Home Care Business
  • 5 Key Strategies for Unlocking the Power of Client Referrals
  • What are Your Clients and Employees Saying About You?
  • Give Them Reasons to Refer – How to Increase Home Care Referrals Among Professionals
  • Operations, Revenue, Engagement, Leadership Development

Kristen Duell

Chief Marketing Officer

Kristen Duell has over 20 years of experience in the healthcare and home-based care industry, where she’s held positions from non-clinical caretaker to CEO. After making the shift to working in technology, she’s used her first-hand experience to invoke widespread industry changes with scalable solutions.

She brings her dedication to mobilizing all factors of the pre- and post-acute care space to HCP in her role as Chief Marketing Officer. Before joining HCP, her wide range of leadership experience includes her position as the Executive Vice President of KanTime, CEO of a technology startup, and many more marketing, operational, and sales management roles.

Kristen’s passion is shaping healthcare by providing upward mobility and visibility to women in the industry, which led her to found the Inclusion Diversity and Equity Alliance in Leadership (IDEAL) for Healthcare. She is also a member of Chief, a lifetime member of the International Society of Female Professionals, and a recipient of Health 2.0’s Healthcare Leadership Award.

Outside of work, Kristen enjoys spending time with her family, volunteering at her son’s school, and mentoring tenacious young professionals.

Topics covered:

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Home Care Industry
  • How to Support Your Care Professionals’ Specific Needs

  • Upward Mobility and Career Paths for Non-Clinical Care Professionals

  • Payer Diversification
  • Home-Based Care Regulations, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, and US Congress
  • Marketing and Revenue Streams in Home-Based Care

Brian Zeichick

Chief Product Officer

Brian brings over 20 years of experience designing and managing products and leading product design and development functions. Prior to joining HCP, Brian led the User Experience Design team at MedeAnalytics. He led the product design functions that delivered innovative products to the healthcare analytics market.

Prior to working at MedeAnalytics, Brian was a product architect at ePocrates (now a division of Athena Health), the #1 medical reference app, where he was responsible for the product design, delivery, and planning processes. Brian also has designed products at several other healthcare companies including Quadramed & CareFx (both now divisions of Harris Healthcare). In addition, Brian has designed products for several other successful technology companies including Nimble Storage, LinkExchange (now a division of Microsoft), and Merced Systems (now a division of NICE). Brian earned his BS in Mathematics and BA in Art Studio from University of California at Santa Barbara.

Topics covered:

  • Process Management and Analysis for Organizational Growth
  • Product Development within the Healthcare Technology and Information Industry

Linda Leekley

Chief Clinical Officer

In her leadership role at HCP, Linda pulls from her decades of experience—in nursing, education, and entrepreneurship. In 1998, after years of working as a nursing supervisor and clinical educator in both acute care and home health care, Linda founded the healthcare training company, In the Know. For more than 20 years, she demonstrated her passion for healthcare education by developing an ever-growing library of interactive, engaging, and effective training courses. In 2020, In the Know and HCP merged to create a powerful suite of management tools for pre-and post-acute organizations. As CCO, Linda guides a large team of nurses and instructional designers in their ongoing efforts to produce the highest quality training in the industry. When not working, Linda enjoys spending time with her family (including eight grandchildren) and exploring the beautiful beaches of North Carolina.

Topics covered:

  • Using Specialized Training to Stand Out in a Crowded Market

  • Creating the Care Team You Need

  • How to Design and Deliver an Exceptional Training Program

  • Using a Career Ladder to Recruit and Retain Employees

  • The Power of Specializing in Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care
  • The Importance of Training Beyond Compliance
  • Supervising Four Generations of Employees
  • Training for Teamwork

Joshua Kondik

Vice President of Sales

Josh has worked strategically in healthcare for the past 10 years. Josh brings over a decade of healthcare technology experience with companies such as AthenaHealth, GE Healthcare, ABILITY Network, and Greenway Health. Josh has partnered with some of the largest healthcare organizations in the country to improve sales processes and scale growth. He holds an anthropology degree from Kent State University and an MBA from the University of Illinois.

Topics covered:

  • Technology Adoption Strategies and Technology Evolution

  • Sales and Marketing Enablement

  • Business and Process Optimization

  • Data Analysis and Building Reporting Packages

  • Historical and Future States of the Care Continuum (ambulatory, acute, post-acute)

Kire Madsen

Kire Madsen

Vice President of Customer Success

After leading a regional sales division for a global consumer products company, Kire joined HCP to head their Customer Success department. He brings over two decades of experience in sales and customer success. Kire and his team have worked with more than 4,000 home care agencies to help them solve business problems and keep growing. He has also consulted with the executive teams of many leading brands in home care to help them implement data and improve operations.

When he’s not working, you can find him with his family or in the mountains.

Topics covered:

  • Data Applications in Customer Success

  • Implementation of Customer Success Processes and Systems

Amber Monroe

Director of Customer Success

Amber spent eight years of her career in healthcare revenue cycle management focused on process improvement techniques and leveraging increases in automation to drive organizational efficiencies. Amber discovered a passion for the Customer Success industry, helping clients achieve long-term success. For the past five years, she has worked closely with organizations focused on improving customer experiences and has helped to build customer success departments from the ground up. She is actively contributing to sharing knowledge in the Customer Success community by participating in podcasts and webinars, mentoring, and writing blog articles. Amber was voted 2022 top 200 thought leaders in Customer Success by Success COACHING.

Amber is passionate about DEIB initiatives and is the founding member of the Women of MU Health Care Employee Resource Group, serving as the ERG Chair for a full term. Amber now serves as an active member of IDEAL for Healthcare. She is also an active member of Latinas in Tech, which focuses on connecting, supporting, and empowering Latina women working in technology.

Amber holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Columbia College and a master’s degree in Health Administration from the University of Missouri – Columbia. Amber is a certified Project Management Professional.

In Amber’s spare time, she enjoys spending time with her husband, Jeremy, of 13 years, her two daughters, Aurora and Mya, and her mini-dachshund, Max.

Topics covered:

  • Improving Employee & Client experiences

  • Maximizing Retention for Long-Term Success

  • Building & Rebuilding Trust Within a Team

  • The Power of Empathy in the Workplace

  • Improving Internal Operations to Boost Efficiencies

  • Building a Client-Centric Organization

Want us to speak at your event?

To discuss a speaking arrangement at your event, the HCP Marketing Team via email at [email protected]

Speaking Team Policies

Host Organization Handling The Planning

The airport of departure for HCP is dependent on the speaker’s location and preferred airport. Please provide HCP with two flight itinerary options to choose from for the trip to the event, as well as the trip back. Our speakers often have back-to-back speaking engagements, and this allows us necessary flexibility. Flights can be booked in economy class. 

Home Care Pulse Handling The Planning

The airport of departure for HCP is dependent on the speaker’s location and preferred airport. Please provide a full event schedule, as well as specific times the speaker will be presenting or needs to be at the venue. Before booking, flight prices will be sent to the host organization for review. Flights will be booked in economy class, by HCP, and costs included with the final invoice. 

Host Organization Handling The Planning

Please book hotel rooms under the speaker’s name. HCP will work closely with you to decide which nights a hotel room will be necessary to prevent overbooking or excess charges. If additional charges are added to the room by the speaker, these charges will be deducted from the per diem as outlined below. 

HCP Handling The Planning

HCP will organize shuttles and ground transportation for the speaker and any additional team members who may be attending the event. We believe in being responsible with our expenses and will plan accordingly, focusing on affordable and reliable modes of transportation. Shuttles will be standard (we do not use limousines or other extravagant services), and in the event a rental car is required, Home Care Pulse will book at the economy level. Event-related ground transportation costs will be included with the final invoice. 

Host Organization Handling The Planning

Please book hotel rooms under the speaker’s name. HCP will work closely with you to decide which nights a hotel room will be necessary, to prevent overbooking or excess charges. In the event that additional charges are added to the room by the speaker, these charges will be deducted from the per diem as outlined below.

HCP Handling The Planning

When possible, HCP will book the speaker in the conference hotel. If there is a conflict, HCP will provide the host organization with two nearby alternatives, which the host organization will approve before booking. All lodging fees will be included with the final invoice, less any additional charges added to the room by the speaker (such as room service etc.).

Host Organization Handling The Planning

A $50 per diem (per day) will be invoiced to the host organization after the event, less any additional charges added to the room by the speaker (such as room service etc.). Should additional charges exceed the total invoice amount, HCP will instead pay the host organization the difference, in the form of a check. Per diem will also be accrued on days where the speaker is traveling to and from the event.

HCP Handling The Planning

A $50 per diem (per day) will be added to the final invoice. Per diem will also be accrued on days where the speaker is traveling to and from the event.

The honorarium is a fee for the time of the speaker to offset the cost of having them out of the office, as well as to recognize the benefit they provide to your event. In some instances, and at the discretion of the Home Care Pulse marketing team, trades in services can be made to cover this fee as outlined below. This fee will be added to the final invoice. 

All event-related costs incurred by HCP will be compiled into a final invoice, to be delivered to the host organization after the conclusion of the event. Invoices will be Net30 and prompt payment is appreciated. Copies of receipts will be included with the invoice.

At the discretion of the Home Care Pulse marketing department, trades in services can be made to cover the honorarium, and possibly other event costs. These trades could include but are not necessarily limited to conference exhibit and sponsorship packages and will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. If you’d like to offer a trade for speaking involvement at your event, please contact our Marketing Team at [email protected] to discuss the details.