To partner with the long-term and post-acute care industry to enable the delivery of exceptional experiences.


We’re a software company  providing pre- and post-acute care providers with training, surveys, and reputation management to help you become the agency clients brag about and where employees compete to work.

Our Mission

Supporting long-term and post-acute providers with mission-critical applications to improve outcomes for all stakeholders in the care continuum.

With over 55 million adults over the age of 65 in the US, we’re dedicated to working with the post-acute care industry to achieve that vision. We’re committed to helping you uncover your blind spots, attract and retain employees, care for your customers, and grow your business so you can focus on making informed decisions that drive revenue.

Backed by Cressey & Company for our leadership within the healthcare field and our success in propelling the industry forward, our commitment to quality continues to drive every aspect of our services. Trusted by dozens of industry partners, our software is guaranteed to build your agency a reputation that brings clients, patients, and care staff to you. 


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What We Offer

Our Care Intelligence Platform offers RN-developed training, satisfaction surveys, and reputation management tools designed to help you become the best employer and provider in your area—and make sure everyone knows about it.  

As the need for post-acute care reaches unprecedented levels, we will help you navigate the industry’s ever-evolving landscape with expert guidance and indispensable insights from behind the scenes, so you can focus on taking better care of your clients, staff, and community. 


Phone surveys built for post-acute care, with detailed reporting and data.


RN-developed training tailored to your state’s complete requirements.


Tools to monitor, respond to, and get more online reviews.

+ More to come soon!

Our Core Values

At HCP, we put our data into action. 

Our research shows that centering your daily business decisions around your company’s core values will attract those who resonate with your mission and unify your employees to act towards one shared vision. 

As a result, we hire, fire, review, and reward based on these 4 values:
  • Client-focused – Meeting our customers where they need us.

  • Committed – Be present where you are.

  • Innovative – Practical in how we help create value.  

  • Accountable – Make it better through the measurement of our results. 

Expert-Engineered Software

Our software is designed and engineered by alumni of: 

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Idaho – HQ

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Our Leadership Team

Bud Meadows
Chief Executive Officer

Todd Austin
President and COO

Linda Leekley
Chief Clinical Officer

Peter Sheats
Chief Technical Officer

Louie Frank
Chief Revenue Officer

Sarah Dirks
EVP Business Development

Asghar Husain
Chief Financial Officer

Chris Magleby
Chief Strategy Officer

Matt Moore Headshot

Matt Moore
VP of Product Management

Josh Kondik
VP of Sales

Sasha Erickson
Director of People Operations

Kire Madsen

Kire Madsen
VP of Customer Success

Chris Schwerdt
Executive VP of Technology

Jeffrey Ellsworth
IMO Lead