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Average Survey Completion Rate 99%
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30 – 40%* 30 – 50%*
Fulfill Legal Quality Assurance Requirements All States Some States All States
Unbiased Feedback (Conducted by Third-Party)
Custom Survey Questions
Surveys Include Follow-Up Questions
Optimized for Home Care
Regional Competition Comparison
Easily Track Trends Over Time
Eligibility for Best of Home Care® Awards
Automatically Capture Testimonials
Scheduling Software Integration Review Generation

* In-House Surveys Response Rate is estimated according to the following reference. ** Other Third-Party Response Rate is estimated according to the following reference.

Carefree Home Care

“Partnering with Home Care Pulse and getting these surveys has been eye opening… Some things we thought we were doing really great on we can see that we needed some changes—especially with our caregivers.”

Michelle Tagge
Co-Founder & Director of Administration
Carefree Home Care

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