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Vision- The Home Care Leaders Podcast by Home Care Pulse
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5 Ways to Improve Your Home Care Finances in 2022

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Welcome to Vision: The Home Care Leaders Podcast—a podcast that gives you an inside look at what’s happening in the home care industry. Host Miriam Allred, from Home Care Pulse sits down with agency executives to discuss pressing challenges, operational best practices, rising trends, and answer top-of-mind questions from providers around the nation. Catch a new episode of Vision, every Tuesday.

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  • John Bennett, CEO of Sunny Days In-home Care in Pittsburg, PA breaks down his company org chart and shares the reasoning behind hiring on-call supervisors for answering calls after hours and on weekends versus using an answering service.

  • Tatyana Zlotsky, Chief Customer Officer at A Place for Mom, explains what it means to be focused on quality outcomes, how to re-evaluate your people and tech stack to drive outcomes, and the recent updates at APFM to help providers leverage their data and acheive their growth goals.

  • Mike McSherry, Director of Partnerships at Hireology shares what agencies should do when they've already 'tried everything'. We discuss back-up plans, flexible schedules, emotional salary, employee recognition, and addressing burnout.

  • Todd Austin and Tyler Guthrie from Home Care Pulse highlight ten trends we've seen from early analysis of the 2022 HCP Benchmarking Report—to be released mid-April.

  • Dave Tasto, Owner of Assisting Hands - Boston Northwest and Beau Daggett, Senior Software Advisor at AxisCare cover which client outcomes to focus on, which tools and resources are being under-utilized, and the value these measurements have for an agency and the industry at large.

  • Building a strong value prop that's different than your local competitors isn't easy, let alone selling it to your right-fit referral partners — learn from Michelle Cone, SVP of Training/Brand Programs Corporate and Lou Romano, Owner of HomeWell - Hackensack, NJ with their combined 30+ years experience in home care.

  • Have you ever wondered how you can use your operational data to find your blind spots and improve your business? Learn from Jeff Wiberg, CEO of Family Resource Home Care and Tim Murray, Founder of Aware Senior Care and TeamElderCare Consulting as they break down how to effectively use data as a part of your growth strategy.

  • Marissa Snook, CEO and Erica Horner, Home Care Consultant at corecubed shed light on the current landscape of home care sales and marketing and how agencies need to adapt to the upcoming trends in 2022.

  • Bruce Berlind, President and Chris Trempe, Vice President of SwyftOps highlight five software tips you can use to reset or reprioritize the usage of your EMR at the start of 2022.

  • Tim Smith, Owner of FirstLight Home Care in Oklahoma City, overviews why having a budget is essential, five tips to better manage your finances, and how to avoid common financial mistakes as a business owner.

  • Gabby Hoing, Owner of Kore Cares in South Dakota explains how raising client rates incrementally over the last 24 months is helping her agency compete for employees with local competitors like Walmart and Amazon.

  • Krystal Wilkinson, CEO of Adultcare Assistance shares how to elevate your team by getting people in the right seats, having every person own a number, and creating a mission that unifies the whole company.

Miriam Allred Vision Host

Miriam Allred

Vision Host, Partner Marketing Manager – Home Care Pulse

Miriam’s background in digital marketing for small businesses has stemmed into a passion to help home care owners and operators develop a new way of thinking about their business to drive long-term growth.

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