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Vision- The Home Care Leaders Podcast by Home Care Pulse
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M&A: Why You Need to Run Your Home Care Business as Though You’ll Own It for the Next 25 Years

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Welcome to Vision: The Home Care Leaders Podcast—a podcast that gives you an inside look at what’s happening in the home care industry. Host Miriam Allred, from Home Care Pulse sits down with agency executives to discuss pressing challenges, operational best practices, rising trends, and answer top-of-mind questions from providers around the nation. Catch a new episode of Vision, every Tuesday.

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  • Kunu Kaushal, Founder/CEO of Senior Solutions Home Care and Founder of the Independent Home Care Alliance shares his take on providing the right development opportunities for office staff and how office culture radiates into the client/employee experience.

  • Stephen Tweed, Founder/CEO of Leading Home Care overviews the 'perfect storm' happening in home care in regard to M&A activity, consolidation, and the ever-changing landscape. He'll highlight what you need to be aware of and how the high volume of activity is affecting providers nation-wide.

  • Kyle Bossung, Co-Founder and President of Senior1Care in Indiana tells his story about starting a CNA school inside of his operation and why they've chosen training as their competitive advantage.

  • Laura Shaw-deBruin, Executive Director at Norwood Seniors Network explains how she has built and implemented a caregiver mentorship program to retain high-quality caregivers by giving them mentorship opportunities.

  • Brett Ringold, Vice President A Long Term Companion highlights his agency's process to scheduling—deep dive into pre-scheduling, scheduling, and re-scheduling, then we field top of mind scheduling questions from a live audience.

  • Dawn Spicer, Caregiver Development Manager at Home Instead-Jacksonville, IL highlights her journey starting as a caregiver climbing a career ladder to her current role. She shares how training, annual reviews, and ongoing mentorship programs help their agency retain more caregivers.

  • Greg Henderson, HRO Manager at Whirks unloads on what is and isn't HR in home care and which 3 common misunderstandings agencies need to take a new look at.

  • Jayne Kelleher, Director at Bethany at Home in the greater Boston Massachusetts area is getting creative with employment shortages by keeping a pulse on the local market and finding new ways to recruit.

  • Rick Dyer and Kate Fraser from InPro Insurance Group unpack the 3 most common claims, why providers aren't prepared, examples from real home care owners, and what you can do to avoid these claims.

  • Andy Droney, ADT's Senior Director of Health & Innovation Programs discusses how in-home care technology can supplement existing care, reduce outcomes such as readmission rates or falls, and help agencies care for more clients amid caregiver shortages.

  • Nick Bonitatibus, Owner of Digital Champions covers how to improve your social media strategy to drive engagement from prospective clients and caregivers. He'll deep dive on video strategies, results he's seen from providers using video, and how you can start seeing results from video today.

  • Gary Vogel, Owner of Bayside Home Care and new CEO of The Senior's Choice answers five questions about the biggest challenges, suprises, and failures of being a home care leader right now.

Miriam Allred Vision Host

Miriam Allred

Vision Host, Partner Marketing Manager – Home Care Pulse

Miriam’s background in digital marketing for small businesses has stemmed into a passion to help home care owners and operators develop a new way of thinking about their business to drive long-term growth.

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