5 Ways to Retain Your People

After conducting thousands of employee surveys, we’ve found the top 5 proven strategies guaranteed to reduce employee and customer turnover—and we’re breaking them all down on May 30th at 3:30 pm EST

Join HCP’s CSO, Chris Magleby, Chief Clinical Officer, Linda Leekley, and Director of Marketing, Amanda Sternklar as they share how you can save more than $58,000 per year in recruitment and retention by saving those four team members during their first 100 days.
They’ll discuss:
  • How to use training and onboarding as a retention tool
  • How to keep staff engaged and satisfied
  • What types of questions and feedback you should be asking your employees for
  • Leading indicators of new hire turnover
Linda Leekley
Chief Clinical Officer | Home Care Pulse
Amanda Sternklar
Marketing Director | Home Care Pulse
Chris Magleby
Chief Strategy Officer | Home Care Pulse

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