Driving Retention and Satisfaction: Tools for a Better Workplace

As a post-acute care provider, you know that high employee turnover continues to be a significant and costly challenge that agencies of all sizes grapple with. Most strikingly, approximately 40% of this turnover occurs within the critical first 100 days of a new hire’s journey, leading to substantial losses in revenue, time, and organizational stability. Join Josh Kondik, VP of Sales at HCP, as he speaks directly to this pressing issue, offering insights and the tools to understand and overcome the multifaceted problems related to employee churn.

HCP offers comprehensive solutions tailored to meet the unique demands of the post-acute space. Retain provides actionable insights through targeted ‘first 100 days’ surveys and data analysis, while Great Place to Work Certification acts as a hallmark of organizational excellence. Together, these tools empower agencies to engage with their workforce, create open lines of communication, and foster a culture of satisfaction and retention.

Join us to explore how these synergistic tools can transform your approach to employee retention, helping you build a resilient and satisfied workforce.


Josh Kondik
VP of Sales | HCP

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