How to Expand (and Retain) Your Caregiver Team with Specialty Training

2020 made one thing abundantly clear: home care plays a vital role in the healthcare continuum. More services are moving to the home causing significant rise in client acuity levels and an increased need for specialized caregiver training. Is your agency prepared to meet this challenge?

Creating specialty training programs for your caregivers based on the specific needs of your clientele can help your agency stand out on many levels, including recruitment, retention, marketing and client satisfaction!

Join Linda Leekley, Chief Clinical Officer at Home Care Pulse, Sandi McCann, Founder/President of Home Care of the Rockies and Lori Brasel, Director of Nursing at Laura Lynn’s Home Care as they discuss:

  • What is specialty training?

  • How specialty training benefits your caregiver recruitment and retention efforts

  • How to build specialty training programs at your agency

  • How to incentivize and motivate your team to continue their education

  • Using specialty training as a marketing tool

  • The connection between specialty training and customer satisfaction



Linda Leekley
Chief Clinical Officer, Home Care Pulse

Sandi McCann
Founder & President, Home Care of the Rockies

Lori Brasel
Director of Nursing, Laura Lynn’s Home Care

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