Client Referral Program Letter Sample

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The 2017 Home Care Benchmarking Study lists “increasing client referrals” as one of the top five growth opportunities for home care providers across North America. In addition, 22.3% of agencies who had annual revenue of $2.8 million or more listed “referrals from clients and their loved ones” as their top source of new clients. Getting referrals from your clients can be a powerful way to grow your agency, but do you have a standard procedure and templates for asking for referrals? Formalizing your process of asking for referrals can be the difference between a failing client referral program and one that fuels the growth of your home care agency.

Download this referral program letter template that you can send to your clients or their family members to ask for a referral. We recommend sending this out to happy clients every three months or so. This resource can also be used in conjunction with the Referral Card Sample.

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