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The Best Way to Market Your Home Care Business to Consumers: SEO

This month, we’re talking about the difference between consumer and referral marketing, and the top methods for each. According to recent findings published by Home Care Pulse in the “2014 Private Duty Benchmarking Study,” SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the top consumer marketing method, used by 11% of the home [...]

Jun 10, 2014|Articles|3 Comments
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4 Reasons Your Home Care Business Should Have a Blog

The age of wondering anything is over, and, whether or not it’s true, prospective clients feel like they can go online and learn everything there is to know about your company with just a few clicks. As a business owner, this can be frustrating, because you know there’s more to [...]

Oct 16, 2013|Articles|2 Comments
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Using Facebook to Market Your Home Care Business

One of the main reasons a consumer hesitates in hiring a home care business is trust. They have no history with your business, no relationship. But one of the most effective ways to establish that relationship is through Facebook. Facebook has changed marketing by giving companies a friendly face and [...]

Sep 4, 2013|Articles|3 Comments
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4 SEO Rules for Growing Your Home Care Business

You’ve most likely heard of SEO, and perhaps you’ve said to yourself, “What is it and why does everyone keep talking about it?” SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and in a world where most people find new companies through search engines, a solid SEO strategy is key for a [...]

Aug 28, 2013|Articles|2 Comments
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