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Understand how your employee experience stacks up and get recognized for the great workplace you’ve built. A Great Place to Work Certification sets you on the path to revenue growth, reduced turnover, and happier customers.

4 Simple Steps to Certification

We make it easy to survey your employees, uncover actionable insights, and get proof of your great workplace culture.

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Great Place to Work is a globally recognized employer certification. With over 30 years of research, benchmarking data, and employee feedback. Candidates can be confident that the culture claims of certified companies are backed by facts.

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Employee Engagement & Retention

Improve satisfaction, focus on employees, and use informed insights to enhance benefits, reducing turnover by 50% and boosting millennial retention by 25%.

Insights & Benchmarking

Leverage employee feedback and data-driven culture insights for smarter decision-making, perform detailed analyses, and compare your agency’s performance with industry peers.

Visibility & Branding

Earn recognition on, use our certification badge in recruitment campaigns, and access a comprehensive digital toolkit filled with shareable content and promotional materials.


The road to certification begins the moment you sign up. First, set up your survey date. Next, complete a culture brief. Then, we will survey your employees, and results are provided immediately upon the 2-week survey completion.

Surveys are sent to all employees via text message, ensuring a convenient and confidential method of feedback collection.

Employees answer 14 demographic questions, providing valuable insights into your workforce, and respond to 60 statements across a 5-point consistency scale to assess their perception of the workplace.

From start to finish, the certification process takes one month (maybe less in some situations!). Once you sign up, you pick a survey start date and we survey your employees over a 2-week period. Immediately upon completion of your survey period, you will get your results.

It’s ok! Nobody outside your organization will know. With the survey process, you will receive powerful insights to help improve, including your Trust Index Score as well as industry benchmarks. We do not disclose names, information, or scores until you are Certified.

Yes, regularly obtaining and responding to feedback is a crucial aspect of fostering a positive work environment. An up-to-date Certification is an effective signal to your employees, prospective hires, and clients that you’re committed to providing an exceptional work environment. When they see a continuous streak of annual Certifications, they’ll understand that you’ve been consistently dedicated to enhancing the work experience over the years.

Great Place to Work is a nationally recognized brand that not only allows you to benchmark your business against those in the same level of care but also competing industries for qualified applicants. Gain a competitive advantage by showcasing your commitment to fostering an exceptional work environment, which attracts top talent and resonates positively with customers.