See What Home Care Business Owners Are Saying

See What Home Care Business Owners Are Saying
Home Care Pulse has been phenomenal for our business. It gives us real data regarding how we are doing and allows us the opportunity to visually see our strengths and weaknesses. And, it has become a terrific marketing tool as well since winning the Best of Home Care™ award. Our employees and clients are all so proud.
Sarah Short, Comfort Keepers
…When I am meeting with a prospective client I can provide feedback summaries, which gives the client confidence that our services will live up to their expectations. Our care recipient’s families view our interest in their feedback as a very positive thing…This is a great program, well worth the minimal cost!
Jill Stewart, Visiting Angels
I wanted to take this opportunity to say how valuable your Home Care Pulse quality measurement tools are for our business. I share the results with new prospects that want PROOF of quality. I tell them that many companies talk about quality, but how do you as a consumer really know? It has become an important sales tool in our initial visits. And even better is the motivational tool it is for rewarding good caregivers. We love it!
Dan Lynch, Tender Hearts at Home Senior Care
I am happy that we have contracted Home Care Pulse as our third party surveyor. Our clients and caregivers have expressed gratitude in showing that we care about them by having a third party vendor conduct these surveys. You can see where we need to improve and what your caregivers and clients really think about you. It is a very good marketing tool to potential clients and referral sources. The data adds validity to our agency caring about quality. The reports are easy to read and understand; I like the fact that we can add open ended questions on the surveys, so those burning questions we have can now be answered.
Vikki Kali, Visiting Angels
Home Care Pulse has given us an inside perspective in to how our clients feel and how our caregivers are being treated that we would normally not be able to obtain. We look forward to this inside information and address each concern with our staff, then act on the concerns immediately. As we approach our 10th year in business, it’s essential to keep quality in place with over 100 employees in a very concentrated market. It truly sets us apart.
Susan Dost, Sheridan In-Home Health Care
I want to take this opportunity to endorse Home Care Pulse, which has proven to be an invaluable resource in helping us provide the best service possible. I have found that our clients are much more willing to provide detailed and honest communication via Home Care Pulse than with mailed surveys or when we call them directly. The reports are a great report card that we show our referral sources to illustrate not only how we differ from our competitors, but how we are better.
Nicholas Miller, Comfort Keepers
We have been utilizing Home Care Pulse for the past seven months. We are extremely happy that we changed our process to include Home Care Pulse in our operations. We now receive unbiased results that pinpoint where our company should focus its attention. One area that is very useful is the trending data, which gives further insight on where we may need to change processes or know that we are doing things well. The company and its personnel are very professional and easy to work with. I highly recommend any Comfort Keepers office who would like to enhance their customer and caregiver satisfaction and to increase their level of professionalism to utilize Home Care Pulse.
Neda Mcguire, Comfort Keepers
Because our goal is ultimate client service, we feel that Home Care Pulse helps us to achieve this with unfiltered feedback from our clients and their families. Home Care Pulse gives us impressive reports and a professional service.
Sally Olin, Partners In Care of the Carolinas
Home Care Pulse has allowed us to continue to provide our clients with a level of care which meets and exceeds their expectations. From a management view point it gives us the information we need to measure each caregiver’s performance which is important during reviews.
Randy Walden, Heart Warming Care
We have been using Home Care Pulse for a year. One reason we turned to Home Care Pulse was to get more accurate, ongoing feedback from our clients and Comfort Keepers. We tried several other in-house surveying processes which we never felt gave us accurate and candid information. Home Care Pulse has given us valuable information in order to improve certain areas of our service delivery for our clients and staff, as well as continue to do the things we do well. Everyone in our office looks forward to receiving the monthly reports to measure the true pulse of our client and employee satisfaction.
Lezlie Snoozy-Kaitfors, Comfort Keepers
Becoming a Home Care Pulse agency is one of the best decisions I have made as an owner. I feel like our participation has had many benefits. First, and most directly, we receive high quality feedback from both our clients and our caregivers which allows us to continue to improve our operation. We find the verbatim comments particularly useful. Second, we market the fact that we have chosen to be a Home Care Pulse agency and explain that it is another example of our commitment to be the best provider in the area. And, finally, our selection as a Best of Home Care™ agency became a fantastic marketing opportunity which we took full advantage of. We publicized this designation via online press releases, a Constant Contact mailing, postings on Linkedin and Facebook, revised ad copy in our regular advertising vehicles, direct mail to client families (past and present), and inclusion in all of our client communication. All told….the ROI on this investment has been substantial.
Larry Aronson, Homewatch CareGivers
Home Care Pulse has been an excellent tool for our company. Having previously used another client satisfaction surveying company, I can say with confidence that Home Care Pulse has been the right choice for us! The interviewers ask our clients questions that directly pertain to home care services which have allowed us to obtain valuable information on how we can improve our services. We are also very pleased with the amount of information the interviewer gets. Rather than just having a rating, we get comments that offer more insight into our client or family member’s thoughts.
Jennipher Ama, Family First Senior Care
Within a short amount of time of receiving survey information, we noticed trends with both clients and caregivers. By identifying these trends, we learned where we could focus our efforts and improve our business. We’ve learned that the things that may be important to our office are not the same things that are important to our clients. We learned areas where we could focus better on our employees, too. Also, very importantly, we learned the things we are doing right! The staff at Home Care Pulse has been supportive of our efforts, too, by helping us make the monthly surveys effective and the data useful. All in all, the investment in Home Care Pulse is making us a better organization. I have recommended Home Care Pulse services to my fellow Comfort Keepers owners, plus a couple local businesses.
Neil Goforth, Comfort Keepers
In the past I always wanted to do quarterly or at least bi-annual surveys but they always seemed to fall between the cracks and not get done…I also like the way the results are compiled. They are easy to read and I pass them on to my office staff so they can see what needs improvement, if any.
Stephen Novak, Visiting Angels
…The cost of each survey seemed like a small price to pay for valuable customer service data and, more importantly, the opportunity to collect several written testimonials each month. Initially, we made the decision to have Home Care Pulse survey our clients because of our desire for fresh testimonials every month. We were pleasantly surprised by the value of the data provided and immediately started reacting to survey results by discussing quality improvement ideas with our staff. After two months of client survey data, we made the decision to have Home Care Pulse survey our employees as well as clients and employees at our Skilled Home Health Agency and our Staffing Agency. We are eagerly looking forward to the results. The relatively small investment in these surveys has turned out to be one of the best decisions we’ve made all year.
Brian Fletcher, FootPrints Home Care
We are excited to have partnered with Home Care Pulse in an effort to improve the delivery of the services we provide, and also to improve the perception our caregivers have of us as an employer. We really like the fact that it is random (from our perspective) and offers insights into our business that we may not have otherwise known. It has allowed us to grow as a business by focusing our attention on areas that our clients and caregivers have identified as issues and concerns. We greatly appreciate the service Home Care Pulse provides and in particular, the monthly reports we receive based on the interviews conducted.
Dan Fern, Homewatch CareGivers
I have been very pleased with the information we have gotten from Home Care Pulse. We got a 65% response rate in our initial caregiver opinion survey. This is significantly better than any of the online surveys we have done in the past. I like being able to benchmark our Comfort Keepers against other best-in-class home care companies. We are getting actionable information from both our caregiver and client surveys. That’s the critical element in our Quality Improvement Process.
Bill Shrieves, Comfort Keepers
We are new to Home Care Pulse, but we have already been impressed with the information gathered, the analysis, and the format. The information was very helpful; we were able to address a client concern that we were unaware of before, and have used some of the feedback from both clients and caregivers to tweak some of our processes. We are looking forward to the next report! Thank you for an excellent product and the good work!
Karen & Tony Rivero, Visiting Angels
We participated in the pilot for Home Care Pulse and have found it a valuable tool both to improve client satisfaction and caregiver morale, as well as a marketing angle to illustrate our excellent quality to the professional community. We have implemented new practices and procedures based on feedback we have gotten from Home Care Pulse surveys. Our scores continue to improve, and we were given Best of Home Care™ designation within the last few months.
Sara Griswell, Homewatch CareGivers
I just want to let you know how happy we are with Home Care Pulse. We all look forward to reading and discussing our monthly email! We use both the Customer Surveys as well as the Employee Surveys. It is always so informative to get such real and unfiltered information from our clients and caregivers. In an instant, we can see if there is a problem but more often than not, we get unbiased confirmation that things are going well. It is so valuable to know what our caregivers really think. We have been able to make little changes here and there and see the improved results by the next month. Home Care Pulse is great for customer satisfaction as well as caregiver retention!
Laurie Miller, Apple Care & Companion
We want to express our satisfaction of the ease and thoroughness of signing up with Home Care Pulse. This program will make a tremendous difference and acts as a tool we can use to improve our client and caregiver satisfaction results. The reports are easy to understand, provide a tremendous value, and we are able to share amongst our team on a timely basis so we can make good business decisions. Last, their customer service team was very accommodating, responsive to questions and concerns, and they appreciate our business. We look forward to improving our results and thus our opportunity for business growth.
David Wurth, Comfort Keepers
I look forward to receiving our Home Care Pulse reports every month and am always the first to open and review them. Of course, it brightens my day to read the glowing feedback and see the high numbers; however, the more important benefit is to see the problems and complications that I might not have been aware of if not for this service. Want to improve your already great service? Use Home Care Pulse to find out what your customers really think!
Randy Hardin, Martha & Mary
Our local Comfort Keepers office in Lexington, Kentucky, has been using Home Care Pulse since September last year. Because our clients and caregivers are so important to us, we decided to go the extra mile by hiring Home Care Pulse to poll them for satisfaction. Although we are under State Certification in Kentucky and survey our clients every 6 months, as well as perform our Comfort Keepers Standards of Excellence 6 month surveys, we decided we liked the idea of having a third party (outside source) find out what kind of job we were doing. We have been thrilled with the results presented to us, and truly have found out things from our clients and caregivers that we could not find out from our local survey process. My support staff and I review the Home Care Pulse Report together monthly when we meet to evaluate our SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) position. All of us appreciate having the information listed with actual client names, questions asked, and their comments. As far as caregivers, we have always struggled to get input, and although the caregiver opinions are anonymous we still are able to hear their voice and what they are saying and feeling about us as a company! These surveys have made us more proactive in the way we handle our client and caregiver processes. I highly recommend making Home Care Pulse part of your quality assurance program for your clients and caregivers!
Helen Rades, Comfort Keepers
We just wanted to thank Home Care Pulse for their fine services. The feedback we receive each month is timely and extremely helpful to us. I’m impressed with how clients and their family members will open up to Home Care Pulse and let them know things that we wouldn’t otherwise hear. We love the detail and the charts. These guys are top-notch!
Gary Staples, Aspen Senior Care
Before Home Care Pulse, I believed I knew how my customers perceived our services. Although I was pleased to learn that our customers were generally happy with our services, I received a few surprises along the way. The level of detail our customers are willing to share with Home Care Pulse has revealed blind spots in our quality that we would not have otherwise uncovered. Measuring our results month to month has also shown us valuable trends in our performance. This has helped us laser our customer service focus while receiving instant feedback. Home Care Pulse has been instrumental in helping us strengthen our current client relationships by helping understand what matters most to our clients.
Julie-Ann Parrott, RetireEase Senior Services
We’ve had your service for four months and we’ve learned an amazing amount of information about our clients as well as our caregiving staff. Recently we implemented a Quality Management Program and the surveys have been a valuable resource for us. We appreciate your service!
Tandi Dawson, Visiting Angels
We would like to thank Home Care Pulse for the excellent job they have done for our office. Like so many Comfort Keepers offices, we felt we were doing a fantastic job when it came to making our clients happy. Twice a year, we get our surveys from Comfort Keepers Corporate and we had never received a bad comment. Home Care Pulse conducted its first survey and we were dismayed. Our Comfort Keepers received high marks on attendance, appearance and knowledge but our clients had little confidence in our management staff. We received more valuable feedback in our first survey than we received in 9 years of Comfort Keepers Corporate surveys. We took this information to heart and were able to make some immediate changes in how our office staff communicated and worked with our clients. If you look at our first survey and our most recent surveys, you can see how our changes have improved our scores. We have also used Home Care Pulse to survey our Comfort Keepers with the same great results. It gives them a sense of belonging when they see their ideas and suggestions implemented. Most importantly, we have a tool to measure our staff’s job performance and tangible data for performance reviews. The monthly results are great for referral sources; we are able to show them REAL results. Home Care Pulse shows our clients, referral sources and most importantly, our Comfort Keepers we are committed to being the premier provider in Northern Virginia. We cannot thank Home Care Pulse enough.
Michael & Laura Pierce, Comfort Keepers