Letter From the CEO: How Caregiver Engagement Score (CES) Can Help You Reduce Turnover and Boost Recruitment

Most home care agency owners understand the importance of a great client experience and dedicate themselves to improving it. However, it can be easy to overlook the importance of listening to your caregivers and working equally hard to improve their experience. Having happy caregivers will save [...]

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How Your Caregivers Can Help You Reduce Caregiver Turnover

A home care agency with 25 caregivers can expect to lose more than $40,000 from their bottom line to caregiver turnover costs this year. Caregiver turnover isn’t a new topic, and every home care agency owner has experienced the headache that it brings. However, many agency [...]

Letter From the CEO: The Power of Data

It’s been another great month. With the launch of the new in May, we’re excited about the ongoing changes happening at Home Care Pulse and throughout the industry. One major highlight this month is our webinar “Turning Client Feedback Into Increased Revenue” by Kire Madsen, [...]

15 Home Care Marketing Ideas

Running a home care agency may never be easy, but there are always ways to make it simpler. One important but often difficult aspect of running an agency is marketing your services. What makes home care marketing so troublesome? For one thing, it’s an appendage to [...]

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