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How to Deliver Bad News with Grace

Just as success and good news are a part of business, failure and bad news have their moments too. Whether it’s giving a warning or losing an important client, on occasion every provider needs to know how to gracefully deliver bad news. This can be uncomfortable and somewhat tricky to […]

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5 Qualities to Look for in a Caregiver Supervisor

According to a Gallup poll, companies fail to choose candidates with the right talents for managerial positions 82% of the time. Though providers want capable individuals who can lead their caregivers, they may be prioritizing the wrong qualities in their search. Studies show select characteristics define a good leader, and […]

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How to Keep Your Home Care Office Running Smoothly While You’re on Vacation

As the holidays approach, it may be a good idea to start prepping for your holiday vacation. Whether you’re planning on spending it at home or on a beach, you’ll want to give your staff and coworkers plenty of time to prepare for your time away. To ensure that everything […]

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4 Keys to Generating Innovation in Your Home Care Business

Albert Einstein is attributed with saying, “If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got.” In other words, unless you try something new, you will never get new results, which may explain some of the difficulties that many home care providers face as […]

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How to Combat and Prevent Gossip in Your Home Care Business

Sholem Aleichem once said that “gossip is nature’s telephone,” but whether or not gossip is natural, it can be bad for business. When negative, destructive gossip starts infiltrating an office, it can quickly destroy a positive company culture. When caregivers begin talking about their clients, you also have potential legal […]

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5 Ways to Market Your Home Care Business for (Almost) Free

Marketing can be intimidating and at times expensive. According to CMO Council, the average U.S. marketer spends 2.5% of the company’s total revenue on marketing. While there are plenty of effective ways to spend money on marketing, it doesn’t have to consume a large portion of your budget. Sending out […]

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8 Ways to Keep Email Communications Professional in Your Home Care Business

Emails have become an inevitable part of the modern workplace. Providers and office staff open their inboxes each morning to a new wave of emails on topics ranging from mundane work tasks and important documents to recent local news and press releases. Through this barrage of communications, it may be […]

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6 Signs It May Be Time to Let Go of a Caregiver

Bonobos’ CEO, Andy Dunn, once compared the decision to fire an employee to the art of sculpting, where knowing what to cut is just as important as knowing what to keep. Dunn said, “Most companies know they have to be superb at the adding. What is less talked about is […]

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