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In the Know & Home Care Pulse have merged to provide better solutions for home care agencies.

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About In the Know’s Caregiver Training eLearning Platform

  • Easily Track Progress and Reports
    Our robust tracking and reporting system allows you to easily examine your course library and learning paths, track learner participation, create custom, automatic reports, mass print certificates, and more!

  • Learning For the Real World
    Whether on the job or on the run, caregivers can access important, need-to-know-now resources right from their smartphones with the In the Know On-the-go Wiki.

  • Gamification System Keeps Everyone Motivated
    Points are added to your team leaderboard as caregivers complete their training assignments. Employees can see where they stand and know precisely how to improve their position. They can even earn specialist badges by completing one of our Specialist Learning Paths

  • Personalize the learning environment
    Create a personalized experience when you upload your own courses or employee handbook for easy access to all your important resources in one location.

  • Communicate with your team through in-platform messaging
    Communicate with your entire team through the online learning portal. Send messages, reminders, or just words of encouragement. Having one place where everyone can go to see your consistent and clear messaging establishes trust in your leadership.

Who We Help


Well trained caregivers are more competent and more confident – leading to improved recruitment, retention, client care, and client satisfaction.


Well-trained caregivers arrive on the job with the skills and knowledge they need to keep their clients safe, healthy, and satisfied.


An agency with well trained (or specialist trained) caregivers can point to their reputation and commitment to quality care as evidenced by their commitment to training.

Care Supervisors

Supervisors benefit by having an easy to use platform for assigning, tracking, and reporting CE hours.

FAQs – In the Know

Who is In the Know?

For over 20 years In the Know has helped healthcare organizations train, engage, and retain caregivers. In February 2020, In the Know merged to become a Home Care Pulse company.

How much does it cost?

Pricing for e-learning is based on your number of active caregivers. You can request an instant quote here: www.knowingmore.com/instant-quote/

Instructor led training topics can be purchased individually here: www.knowingmore.com/pdf-catalog/

Who can use the courses?

ITK courses are approved for CNAs, HHAs, PCAs, and non-medical caregivers in home care, home health, hospice, ALFs, and hospitals. In the Know also offers a robust library of courses approved for your clinical team.

Do they offer a transcript of courses that caregivers take and certificate of completion?

Yes! Our robust Learning Management System provides custom reporting features, including a history of course completions as well as certification.

Can they identify state-specific licensing requirements for continuing education?

Yes! Our team diligently tracks state-specific training requirements so we can respond quickly to any changes. We work with each administrator to determine that location’s specific needs, including requirements from the state, from any accrediting body, and from payer sources. Our customized curricula serve regulation needs better than a “cookie cutter” compliance solution.

What kind of caregiver courses does In the Know offer?

We offer a Blended Learning solution that includes both instructor-led and e-learning courses. This gives administrators choices when training their caregivers! All In the Know courses are written and developed by true subject matter experts. Caregivers learn from registered nurses who have been in the home care “trenches” and who understand the specific learning needs of home care workers.

How many different caregiver courses are in the In the Know catalog?

Our catalog includes a wide range of topics from annual compliance topics, disease process modules, client care basics (and beyond the basics), communication skills, professional growth, soft skills, infection control…and so much more! Here are our courses “by the numbers:”

180+ E-Learning Courses for CE Credit

211 Instructor-Lead Courses for CE Credit in all States

180+ E-Learning Courses approved in Florida

150+ E-Learning Courses approved in California

90+ E-Learning Courses approved in Washington State

20+ E-Learning Courses in Spanish

75+ Clinician Courses for CNE Credit

How are the courses delivered?

There are three distinct ways to use In the Know training materials:

  1. E-learning. Training managers can assign topics thorough the online portal. The portal allows trainers to set due dates, monitor progress, and print reports.
  2. Instructor-led training. Courses designed for Instructor-Led Training (ILT) come with everything you need to teach the course, in person, to your entire team. Each topic includes an instructor packet filled with group activities, discussion questions, printables, and more.
  3. Blended learning. A blended learning plan is a strategy that uses a combination of traditional classroom training with online learning. Topics that require hands-on demonstration can be taught in the classroom, while others can be assigned online.
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