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About the 2020 Growth Summit

The largest all digital conference to date, the Home Care Growth Summit featured 20+ of the top industry leaders who shared cutting-edge strategies and insights for agencies of all sizes.

Topics included:

  • What to Expect in 2020
  • Growth strategies for independent agencies (expert CEO panel)
  • Growth strategies for franchises (expert CEO panel)
  • Recruitment/retention strategies for growth
  • Selecting the right payer sources
  • Digital marketing strategies
  • How to secure heavy-hitting referral partnerships
  • Scaling your processes to manage growth
  • Closing online leads more effectively

All attendees had the opportunity to participate in live Q+A with presenters.

Featured Replays

Sales & Marketing Workshop

Learn how to create a cohesive sales and marketing processes that builds a sustainable pipeline of new clients.

Referral Marketing Workshop

Hello America! Here’s an energetic overview of how to land the big referral partnerships, with real-life examples from agencies who have done it.

Hurricane Marketing:
Jennifer Horlick, Client Relations Specialist

Recruitment/Retention Strategies for Growth

60% of agencies have turned down a case in the 60 days because they couldn’t staff it. Here’s what you need to know to keep staffing problems from stalling your company’s growth.

Maggie Keen [email protected]

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