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Vantage Dashboard

Capture Satisfaction Scores Monthly

Access a powerful dashboard and get ratings across five client and five caregiver satisfaction categories every month.

Client Satisfaction Interview

Get Detailed, Honest Feedback

Want unfiltered feedback from your clients and caregivers? Capture specific, unbiased feedback with every phone survey we perform.

Net Promoter Score

Measure Your Net Promoter Score® (NPS)

Measure how likely your clients and caregivers are to recommend your agency and segment them into promoters, passives, and detractors.

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Identify & Monitor Trends in Satisfaction

Track satisfaction levels over time to pinpoint trends, benchmark your performance against the industry, and make data-driven decisions.

Improve Client and Caregiver Satisfaction

Improve Client & Caregiver Satisfaction

Close the feedback loop and identify exactly how you can improve your client and caregiver experience.

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Built for Home Care

The Satisfaction Management Program and satisfaction surveys are designed specifically for home care agencies.

Capture Detailed, Unbiased Feedback

Review survey results and transcribed feedback to discover what your clients and caregivers really think—and get detailed, actionable insights right at your fingertips.

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Earn awards based on your scores

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Powerful Reports

Get unparalleled insight into how your home care agency is perfoming with powerful satisfaction reports that tell you the whole story.

  • Track your client and caregiver satisfaction over time

  • Benchmark your results against other agencies in your region

  • Identify strengths and areas where you can improve

  • Make data-driven decisions that drive retention efforts

  • Provide evidence of quality care to referral sources

  • Get reports built specifically for home care agencies

Home Care NPS Report
Home Care Trend Report

Use trend reports to find out how your agency is doing and where it’s going

Analyze overall satisfaction trends or dig into the details with five client and caregiver satisfaction categories to learn exactly where to focus your time and energy.

Home Care Trend Report


How often are my clients and caregivers called?

Clients and caregivers are surveyed monthly. Once an individual has completed an survey, we won’t attempt to contact them again for at least six months.

How long does each survey take?

Each survey takes between 6-8 minutes.

How does Home Care Pulse receive the information they need to perform my satisfaction surveys?

We are integrated with all major home care software providers. This allows the contact information we need to perform our surveys to be safely and securely passed to our HIPAA compliant system. Our integration partners include ClearCare, ADLware, Rosemark, AppointMate, AXISCare, MatrixCare, KanTime, eRSP, and Spectrum Teletrack Services.

What if my client has Alzheimer’s/dementia or a hearing impairment?

In cases where your client isn’t able to complete the survey, you can provide a responsible party such a family member or friend that we’ll contact instead to ask about the care being provided.

See what agency owners are saying…

Home Care Pulse has given us an inside perspective into how our clients feel and how our caregivers are being treated that we would normally not be able to obtain. We look forward to this inside information and address each concern with our staff, then act on the concerns immediately… It truly sets us apart.

Susan Dost
Sheridan In-Home Health Care

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