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Scheduler Success Series

Schedulers have one of the hardest jobs in a home care agency—and it doesn’t help that while there’s generally an abundance of training for care professionals or other roles in the office, there’s often very little training available the crucial role of schedulers.

Trained properly, talented schedulers can keep a care team happy and engaged, help client visits and other operations run more smoothly, and even increase the revenue and overall value of an agency by improving key metrics like Net Promoter Score and client retention.

Our team of former care workers, administrators, and educators at Home Care Pulse has put together a course specifically designed to help schedulers become more effective in their work—and for a limited time, we’re making it available in our learning system free of charge to any agency.

Scheduler Series Includes:
  • Understanding the role of a care professional

  • How to match clients with care professionals

  • Handling conflict and complaints

  • Maintaining confidentiality

  • Understanding the care plan

  • Relationship building with care professionals, clients, and families

  • Time management

  • Leadership skills

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