State of Training

Training has proven to be one of the most important factors an agency can leverage to influence the satisfaction and ultimately retention of their care staff. This report reveals the current state of training across the industry.

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Thank you to all our 2022 participating organizations for your involvement in the first-ever State of Training Report.

We appreciate the support of many other industry leaders and, of course, all those who dedicated their time to participate in the survey. Your commitment made this Report a success!

Producers and Editors of the
2022 State of Training Report

President, Todd Austin 
Chief Marketing Officer, Kristen Duell 
Managing Editor, Amanda Sternklar 
Project Manager, Megan Kujawa 
Data Analyst, Catie Asbury 
Brand Manager, Kaylee Hatch
Designer, Hannah O’Meara 

Report Contents

Research Methodology
Survey Participation
Survey Results

Research Methodology

In 2021, HCP surveyed 80,000 employees, asking them to rate their agency across 7 categories. Training received was the second lowest score.

Aiming to address what is considered to be the worst workforce shortage in history, we created the State of Training Report to allow agencies to compare their training with others and benchmark themselves against the competition.

Between July 27th and August 19th, 2022, HCP conducted a survey targeting agencies who provide in-home care services. During the 10-minute online survey, agencies were asked to share more about their challenges, successes, and future goals.

Based on the responses to the 2022 State of Training survey, it’s evident that most agencies are facing challenges related to turnover and lack of engagement. There’s a clear solution, but it’s dependent on your training program and how agencies are prioritizing staff development.


Within this section of the Report, you’ll find a high-level overview of the demographics of participants whose data is included, with emphasis on provider type, geographic location, annual revenue, and number of business locations.

1.1 Total Survey Participation

Agencies Participated

335 people participated in the 2022 State of Training Report survey. Participant positions included business owners, executive assistants, executive level managers, and more within the home care, home health, and hospice industries. 

1.2 Participation by Position Type

1.3 Participation by Type of Business

1.4 Participation by Number of Locations

(1 Location) 64%
(2 to 5 Locations) 26%
(6 to 10 Locations) 5%
(11 to 25 Locations) 4%
(26+ Locations) 3%

Survey participants were asked, “How many locations are in your organization?”

US State and Region Participation Map Pacific: 17.0% Central: 23.6% Southern: 21.2% Great Lakes: 16.7% Northeast: 19.1%

1.6 Participation by Revenue Range

Survey participants were asked, “What was your annual revenue in 2021?”


The Executive Summary includes a high-level overview of the Report and demographics of the participants whose data is included, with emphasis on provider type, geographic location, annual revenue, and number of business locations.

2.1 Training Types Used in 2022—Overall

Survey participants were asked, “What types of development and training does your agency primarily use for your care teams?”

Online learning has revolutionized care professional training, but there will always be times when instructor-led training is the way to go. With blended learning, you’re prepared to offer both.

Blended learning includes options for both online and in-service training and is:

  • More engaging for learners
  • Preferred by care professionals and CNAs
  • Proven by research to be more effective
  • Only available through HCP

*Blended Learning is a combination of In-Person and Online

2.2 Training Types Used in 2022—Revenue Ranges

2.3 Training Types Used in 2022—Geographic Region

2.4 Agencies Using a Learning Management System (LMS) in 2022

A learning management system is a technology used by agencies to house training courses and administer, track, and report on staff learning and development.

2.5 Top 10 Professional Training Programs

Survey participants were asked, “Who is your primary training and development provider?”

*Formerly In the Know and Home Care Institute.

2.6 Average Hours of Training Offered—Overall

Your Content Goes Here 40

2.7 Average Hours of Onboarding Training Offered by Position

2.8 Average Hours of Ongoing Training Offered by Position

2.9 Average Hours of Training Completed—Overall

2.10 Average Hours of Training Completed—Revenue Ranges

2.11 Hours of Training Assigned vs. Hours of Training Completed

2.12 Top 10 Growth Opportunities for Training and Development

2.13 Top 5 Priorities for Agencies in 2022

2.14 Top X Training Weaknesses in 2022

2.15 Training Increases Over the Last 12 Months – By Industry

2.16 Top X Tools Used to Measure the Impact of Staff Development and Training

2.17 Top X Results of Increase in Staff Development and Training

2.18 Agencies Using KPI’s to Evaluate Their Training in 2022

2.19 Top X Training Tracking Methods Agencies Are Using

2.20 Agencies Using a Learning Management System in 2022

2.21 Top 5 Obstacles to Get Staff to Complete Training

2.22 Top X Motivation Methods Used to Complete Training

2.23 Features Agencies Look for Compared to the Training Provider They Use

2.24 Percentage of Agencies Accredited in 2022

2.25 Top x Training Priorities of 2022

2.26 X Most Important Training Program Features

2.27 Increase in Staff Development in 2022

2.28 Agencies that Use Training as Part of their Core Values & Performance Reviews


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