How A Long Term Companion Used HCP to Hire 51.5% More Employees and Build an Employer Brand That Resulted in an Indeed Click Through Rate Over 10x the Site Average

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Caring for an aging parent or loved one can feel overwhelming. At A Long Term Companion, our compassionate, professional caregivers have been providing one-on-one support to our clients for over a decade. So you can have peace of mind in knowing that your loved ones are living their best lives in the comfort and safety of home.

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ALong Term Companion wanted the data and insight that employee and customer surveys could provide, so they began doing them in-house—with few results.

“We believe in trying to get data to improve but it’s impossible to keep a finger on everything,” says Brett Ringold, Vice President of A Long Term Companion, when asked what prompted them to start attempting customer and employee feedback surveys.

“We weren’t having a lot of success. If we would mail out 100 surveys, we’d be lucky if we received 5 or 10 back in the mail. And this is after we started offering to make a $25 donation to the charity of their choice for just answering a handful of questions.”

Lack of Meaningful Insights

In-house surveys weren’t just hard to get done; they were also rarely providing actionable feedback.

“Sometimes you have this great relationship and maybe a customer or employee doesn’t want to open up, they don’t want to hurt your feelings, they’re not going to be direct with you.”

Brett’s admin team is in constant communication with their employees, but feedback was still hard to come by.

“Everybody that works with us: our administrator for six years, our client relationship coordinator, all the newest members, our admin team—they talk to our employees on a constant basis. Everybody gets at least one or two touchpoints a week, sometimes daily touchpoints.”

“I really wish we started [HCP Experience Management] much earlier.”

After years of performing their own in-house surveys, ALTC decided to implement HCP Experience Management and immediately saw the difference a third party could provide.

“Employees and customers may not be direct with you, but they’ll be direct with HCP. It was eye-opening and surprising.”

“We definitely learned a lot about our agency. We learned that some of our strong points really weren’t our strengths, and some things that we thought we were doing well—we weren’t.”

More Than Just Feedback

Along with actionable individual feedback, HCP Experience Management aggregates the data gathered into monthly reports to help businesses see larger trends and identify potential problems before they turn into lost revenue. 

“We believe in trying to get data to improve, but our core competency is providing home care and finding the most amazing employees to be a part of our team, delivering that one-on-one personal touch service to our customers, but we’re not a data or survey company.”

“I really wish we started doing this much earlier. It’s been a huge help. It really helps us identify what we’re doing really well, what’s not so perfect, what we have to start improving upon.”

“We didn’t know how important training was to our employees until we started doing the surveys.”

Not only did HCP Experience Management increase satisfaction by highlighting areas that needed improvement, it also pointed out where ALTC had an edge over other agencies when hiring.

“We always thought we were doing a great job at training, but we didn’t think that we were the best training agency. We put forth a lot of effort, but we got a lot of positive feedback in the surveys, so we decided to double down on training and use it as a differentiator from all of the other agencies.”

This decision to double down on training led them to reconsider their current training provider.

“I mean [our previous training provider] was great, but the capabilities that HCP has really knocked our socks off. We love the staff training for the admin team, the schedulers, the wellness teamwhich was a big differentiator.”

Following the switch, their staff has access to even better training.

“Our employees love training. The more that is at their fingertips, the more they want to learn. They want more and more and more.”

“Now there’s such a robust library that’s on-demand that our employees can learn from at any time, and that kind of just opened up the world.”

Employees and office staff can proactively enhance their skills, and ALTC can provide a career ladder for employees.

They’re also able to attract employees that might not have a ton of experience.

“We see a lot of our competitors saying ‘No training needed’ or ‘No experience needed: we’ll train you,’ and we’re now able to do that because of the [HCP Training] platform.”

Building a Strong Employer Brand

Using HCP Experience Management and Training together has helped strengthen their employment brand to ultimately hire more employees and stand out amongst competitors.

Since utilizing HCP,  they’ve seen a 29.5% increase in applicants. ALTC hired 51.5% more employees in 2021, compared to 2020.

Rewards of the Brand Halo Effect

The investment in their agency and employment brand has also led to an Indeed click-through rate of 2.66%, ranking them #9 in the Philadelphia area among home care agencies.

To put that success in perspective, the average CTR on Indeed is 0.2%.

This is known as a brand halo effect. When potential applicants are viewing the job posting, they already are familiar with ALTC’s employment brand — so they’re more likely to click on their job postings.

Expert Help to Raise the Bar

When asked what he would say to another agency considering HCP’s platform, Brett explained,

“You can’t always know everything. The second that you think that you know everything is the second that you’re going to stop improving as a provider, the second that you’re going to stop growing as a provider.”

“Focus on your core competencies, do what you do really well, and try to partner with experts. Now, I couldn’t imagine not working with HCP.”

“You have to have experts around you to raise the bar.”

HCP’s Care Intelligence Platform offers RN-developed training, satisfaction surveys, and reputation management tools to help you become the best employer and provider in your area—and make sure everyone knows about it.

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