Get more from your scores webinar announcement

NOTICE: This webinar has ended. If you would like to purchase access to the recording, contact us at 877-307-8573

What do your client satisfaction scores really mean?

What is the difference between a score of 8 and 9, and why didn’t you get a 10?

Why did your client give positive feedback, but a lower score?

Aaron Marcum, Founder and CEO of Home Care Pulse, will address these important questions and more in this month’s free customer webinar, Part 2 of “Get More from Your Scores: Understanding and Acting on Client Feedback.” Part 1 was held last month and the recording can be accessed through the Resource Center inside your online account.

Part 2 will take place on Tuesday, April 16th and will cover the last six client satisfaction categories in your monthly Quality Management Reports:

  • Effective Communication
  • Response to Problems
  • Receiving the Service as Promised
  • Recommend Agency to Others
  • Overall Quality of Service
  • Combined Average

Learn how to read between the lines and better understand your client satisfaction scores, so that you can act quickly to increase your clients’ satisfaction!

Register now for this free customer webinar, “Get More from Your Scores: Understanding and Acting on Client Feedback (Part 2),” on Tuesday, April 14th at 2PM EST.