We are excited to announce that we are now integrated with ClearCare! ClearCare is one of the leading providers of home care agency software, and we are excited about the advantages this integration will bring to our customers. This integration will allow users of the our Satisfaction Management Program to simplify the process of making updates to client and caregiver contact info in our VANTAGE system, allowing you to focus on your clients and caregivers. Updates you make in ClearCare will automatically be pushed through a secure connection to keep interviewee lists up to date. This helps save a lot of time and helps ensure that we have the latest contact information to complete client and caregiver interviews.

It is essential for home care businesses to have accurate and consistent data, and this partnership will help enable Home Care Pulse to effectively gather feedback from clients and caregivers and deliver it to home care businesses when they need it most. Jerod Evanich, co-founder and President of A Place At Home in Omaha, NE and user of both ClearCare and Home Care Pulse said, “If you’re not collecting objective feedback from your clients and caregivers, you cannot effectively assess areas in which process improvements are needed.”

Once integration is setup, it will not require any further work on your part. ClearCare users can continue making regular updates to their client and caregiver records in the software. Regarding the new integration, Home Care Pulse COO, Erik Madsen, stated, “We are thrilled to have partnered with such an amazing company as ClearCare on a system integration. This will allow not only for improved satisfaction management results, but the possibility of many new future opportunities for home care providers to use satisfaction management data to better manage their home care businesses.”

For any question or to get started with ClearCare integration, or integration with any of our other scheduling software partners, please contact our support team by calling 877-307-8573 or email [email protected] and we’ll be happy to help get you started.

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