What Is Satisfaction Management?

“Satisfaction management” describes a wide range of efforts, but in short it’s all about understanding the thoughts and opinions others have about you, and taking actions to improve their experience and perceptions. As the leading satisfaction research and quality assurance firm specializing in private duty home care, Home Care Pulse interviews a portion of your clients and/or care professionals monthly, providing you with detailed, unbiased feedback from them. View your feedback reports in real time, updated monthly, through our online portal. We also provide training and other tools to help you understand your reports and turn the data into actionable plans to improve and grow your business.

We Help You Improve the Client Experience. Here’s how it works.

Live Telephone Interviews

caregiver and client
Our Satisfaction Research Associates perform live telephone interviews with up to 10% of your clients and/or care professionals each month. Our experience and methodology allow us to reach an unheard of 95-97% completion rate with your clients. We ask open-ended and clarifying questions to ensure the feedback you receive is clear and actionable.

Online Monthly Reports

monthly reports
When you log into Home Care Pulse’s online portal, VANTAGE, you’ll be able to access reports and view individual client and care professional interviews. We also show how you compare to other agencies in a range of key performance benchmarks, so you can better understand the areas in which you excel, as well as potential areas of improvement.

BestofHomeCare.com and Awards

Best of Home Care Provider of Choice
In connection with our Satisfaction Management Program, your agency will also be listed on BestofHomeCare.com, visible to potential clients searching for care in the areas you serve. You also become eligible for the annual Best of Home Care® Awards based on satisfaction scores you receive from your clients and care professionals.

Training & Resources

Resource Library
The VANTAGE portal also contains a Resource Library, which we publish new tools and resources to every month. Each resource is designed to help you fine-tune your marketing, operations, recruiting and other efforts. In short, using these tools helps improve efficiency and drive growth.

Want to learn more?

Want to learn more about satisfaction management and how it can help you grow your home care business?