Become a Certified
End-of-Life Specialist

HCP now offers Certified End-of-Life Specialist (CEOLS) training. Based on the renowned Teaching Transitions curriculum, CEOLS certification is available for your hospice volunteer training program needs. Experience the depth and inspiration of interactive training, right at your fingertips, and prepare every volunteer to become a vital team member. 

End-of-Life Certification Series Overview 

Direct Patient Contact

This hospice volunteer training curriculum includes 10 detailed modules designed to certify hospice volunteers who work directly with patients.

What to expect:

  • Gain confidence in how to respond to and help manage the dying process, including the most common physical, emotional, and spiritual experiences of patients and their loved ones.
  • Receive Certified End-of-Life Specialist (CEOLS) training upon completion.

Administrative Roles (No Patient Contact)

This curriculum includes 4 learning modules designed to certify those who work in hospice but do not provide direct patient care.

What to expect:

  • Showcase your exposure to hospice volunteer work with Certified End-of-Life Specialist (CEOLS) training to make you more marketable within the industry.
  • Receive Certified End-of-Life Specialist (CEOLS) training upon completion.

“To me, more than an end-of-life course, this is a LIFE course! Even before I start seeing patients, I can already apply the skills and approach discussed here to my personal relationships and see the magic happeningMy heart is full of joy and appreciation, and I’m confident I will carry the profound learnings from this program into my work as a hospice volunteer.” 

Andrea Soares, Alexandria, VA

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Leveraging the CEOLS for Hospice Organizations 

HCP’s Certified End-of-Life specialty training offers much more than simply checking the box to meet hospice volunteer regulations. This unique, comprehensive program can be used in many beneficial ways:

Save Time and Money

CEOLS training saves time and money by providing a cost-effective and efficient way for agencies to train volunteers.

Empower Your Team

CEOLS training empowers new hires, including those new to the hospice environment, with two learning path options for office-based and direct patient care workers.

Improve the Quality of Care Delivered

CEOLS training improves the quality of care by equipping staff with knowledge to deliver a higher standard of care and enhancing understanding of the dying process.

Attract Your Community

Teaching Transitions’ education-based approach to hospice care attracts and educates family caregivers and healthcare providers, making agencies a guiding light in the community.

Strengthen Referral Relationships

CEOLS training strengthens referral relationships by showcasing an agency’s commitment to quality end-of-life care, benefiting both hospice agencies and other healthcare providers.

Frequently Asked Questions

The CEOLS training was created by HCP in partnership with Patty Burgess, the founder of Teaching Transitions. 

There are two learning paths to accommodate in-depth training for hospice volunteers who directly visit patients, as well as the second option for administrator volunteers. This means that if you have no patient contact, you can take the 4 modules found in the administrator path and still obtain a CEOLS. Ask your supervisor for the best guidance. 

  • Modules 1 to 4 = CEOLS for Hospice Administrative Roles;  
  • Modules 1 to 10 = CEOLS for Hospice Direct Patient Contact
  • Module 1: Welcome, Overview & Purpose of the Training 
  • Module 2: Hospice 101 
  • Module 3: Personal Death Awareness 
  • Module 4: End of Life Communication 
  • Module 5: Clinical Care Perspectives 
  • Module 6: Spiritual and Cultural Diversity 
  • Module 7: Grief, Loss, and Bereavement 
  • Module 8: Self-Care & Nurturing: Managing Personal Stress 
  • Module 9: Legacy, Last Words, and Personal Death Dialogue 
  • Module 10: Putting It All Together  

Yes! This training meets the CMS requirements for volunteer training for hospice organizations. The training can also be taken annually as a refresher for continued professional growth. 

Yes! Any role can benefit from obtaining a CEOLS and learning about what hospice volunteers and the entire hospice team do for patients and their loved ones. 

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