3 Important Innovations to Take Your Training Beyond Compliance

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 It’s time to go beyond compliance and begin training for growth and development.

Like it the old fashioned way?

There are two reasons you provide training to the caregivers on your team. Compliance is number one. But merely training to meet compliance requirements is not enough. It’s time to go beyond compliance and begin training for growth and development.

How can intheknow help with training beyond compliance?


Caregiver Training Advisor, Drew Chacho has the answer!

Drew says . . .

Above meeting compliance standards, the goal should be to train, engage, and retain caregivers. The National Caregiver Trend Report from myCNAjobs demonstrates just this with some fascinating statistics polled directly from caregivers:

  • 72% of caregivers are interested in monthly training opportunities
  • 24% of agencies offer frequent training
  • 73% if caregivers enter this profession to learn €“ they are planning a career in nursing or the healthcare field in general
  • 85% of caregivers want more paid training
  • 44% of caregivers say that a lack of continued training is why they leave an organization
  • 71% of caregivers stated that they must continually learn to stay with their company

3 innovations that take you beyond compliance

1. The industry’s only true Blended Learning Solution.

While online learning (or e-learning) is cost-effective and convenient, instructor-led training in a classroom is also vital to your team’s growth and development. It provides the caregiver the opportunity to learn and practice critical hands-on skills while helping them to feel more connected with the entire team. intheknow is proud to be the indutry’s only true blended learning provider.

2. Microlearning and micromoments built in to every lesson.

Conventional training take a long time and can overwhelm learners. It increases anxiety and decreases overall understanding of the topic. Microlearning, on the other hand, breaks large pieces of information down into small units followed by meaningful activities and thought-provoking questions, making it easier to retain the information provided. Every intheknow course follows this trend in training.

The next step in this emerging technology is micro-moments. Google describes micro-moments as purposeful “moments when a person turns to a device to act on a need to learn something new.” Micro-moments can happen anytime, anywhere. In those moments, consumers expect to be able to get what they need, when and where they need it.

Our new In the Know On the Go WIKI is your caregivers’ one-stop trusted resource for all those micro-moments they experience throughout their day. Now instead of “googling” for info that may or may not be accurate, caregivers can type a question or search term right into the Wiki and get an instant and reliable answer in the moment.

3. Scenario-based, immersive learning experiences.

When caregivers are out in the field, often alone, they are required to make informed, quick decisions regarding their clients. The best way to train for this type of situation is by using scenario-based immersive learning. This method prepares workers to react to day-to-day challenges by placing them in an interactive learning environment via reality-based storytelling. This form of training improves decision-making skills and increases knowledge retention by 75%.


Ready to help your team learn and grow with intheknow?

Get beyond mere compliance. It’s time to train, engage, and retain caregivers by investing in their growth and development. Find out how we can help. Schedule a demo or request a quote today!



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