Angie Landmesser

Director of Business Development at Partners in Senior Care, IL

Angie LandmesserRecruitment and Retention are always a challenge in our industry. As the boomers age, it will be even more challenging to find enough quality caregivers to provide care for all those who will be looking for it. At Partners in Senior Care, we choose to concentrate significant effort on Retention rather than Recruitment. Thanks to Home Care Pulse, we know what really matters to our caregivers. This enables us to know what is most important to our caregiver so that we can focus our efforts in those areas and give them great job satisfaction as a result.

Thanks to the feedback and reporting we receive from Home Care Pulse each month, we’re able to make training and education meaningful for our caregivers. And with our caregivers happier and better prepared, they’re happy and able to go above and beyond for our clients.ongly enough!

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