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The Top 100 Leader in Experience award is the highest honor we bestow, recognizing the 100 agencies with the highest Overall Satisfaction (OSAT) scores in North America. This annual award is based on the results of your client and caregiver experience surveys.

2024 Award Requirements
  • Attain one of the 100 highest Overall Satisfaction (OSAT) scores in the industry for the year
  • Complete a minimum of 2 client and 2 employee satisfaction surveys per month during the previous 12 months
  • Earn both Provider and Employer of Choice Awards for the year
  • Actively survey clients and caregivers for at least one calendar year
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2024 Top 100 Award Winners

  1. Outreach Health Services – Edinburg, TX 
  2. Good Samaritan Senior Care 
  3. Visiting Angels – Hoschton, GA 
  4. Homewatch CareGivers – El Paso, TX 
  5. Home Helpers – Bourbonnais, IL 
  6. Four Seasons Home Care, Hendersonville, NC 
  7. Comforting Arms – Kennesaw, GA 
  8. Outreach Health Services – Houston, TX 
  9. SYNERGY HomeCare – Miami, FL 
  10. Homewatch CareGivers – South Orange, NJ 
  11. Encore Caregivers – Houston, TX 
  12. Visiting Angels – Scotts Valley and Marina, CA 
  13. A Long Term Companion 
  14. Visiting Angels – Atlantic County, NJ 
  15. Visiting Angels – East Valley 
  16. Homewatch CareGivers of Houston Galleria 
  17. Visiting Angels – Mentor, OH 
  18. Catalina In-Home Services 
  19. Kali Kare Homecare, LLC 
  20. Right at Home – Bloomington, MN 
  21. Everlight Care 
  22. Home Helpers – Hinsdale, IL 
  23. Visiting Angels of NW Ohio 
  24. Right at Home – Knoxville, TN 
  25. Touching Hearts at Home – Buffalo, NY 
  26. Right at Home – Sherman, TX 
  27. Loving Arms Elder Care – Warminster, PA 
  28. Absolute Companion Care 
  29. Assistance in Home Care 
  30. Heart Body & Mind Home Care 
  31. Lutra Home Care  
  32. JEVS Care at Home (Allentown) 
  33. Rent-A-Daughter 
  34. A Better Life Homecare – Connecticut Branch 
  35. Outreach Health Services – El Paso, TX 
  36. Visiting Angels – Newton/Canton, MA 
  37. BrightStar Care – CA – Carlsbad 
  38. Assisting Hands Home Care – Arlington Heights, IL 
  39. Visiting Angels – Newport News, VA 
  40. Life Home Health 
  41. Outreach Health Services – Pearsall, TX 
  42. Right at Home – Rockwall, TX 
  43. Visiting Angels of Matawan 
  44. Right at Home – Oklahoma City, OK 
  45. A Place at Home – Little Rock, AR 
  46. Visiting Angels of Eastern Idaho 
  47. Visiting Angels of Alpharetta, GA 
  48. A Helping Hand Home Care 
  49. Right at Home – Cherry Hill, NJ 
  50. Americare – Fort Worth, TX 
  51. Touching Hearts at Home Denver 
  52. SYNERGY HomeCare – Maryland 
  53. Visiting Angels – Charleston, WV 
  54. Outreach Health Services – Corpus Christi, TX 
  55. BrightStar Care – TX – Flower Mound 
  56. Homewatch CareGivers – Sterling, VA 
  57. Visiting Angels – Fresno, CA 
  58. Benevolent Hearts Home Care 
  59. Paragon Home Care – McLean, VA 
  60. Home Helpers – Clearwater, FL 
  61. SYNERGY HomeCare – Carlisle, PA 
  62. BrightStar Care – AZ – Tucson/Sierra Vista 
  63. BrightStar Care – GA – St. Simons Island 
  64. Visiting Angels – Cape Cod, MA 
  65. SYNERGY HomeCare  East Haven 
  66. Visiting Angels – Rochester Hills, MI 
  67. BrightStar Care – NH – Bedford/Manchester 
  68. Griswold Home Care for Fargo 
  69. SYNERGY HomeCare – Arlington/Alexandria, VA 
  70. Right at Home – West Dundee, IL 
  71. Comfort Keepers – Houston, TX 
  72. Nurturing Angels Home Care – Maryland  
  73. Abide Home Care, South Central Georgia Region 
  74. United Homecare Services – Beaverton, OR 
  75. Visiting Angels – Auburn, NH 
  76. Preferred Care at Home of North Nashville, Sumner and East Wilson 
  77. Outreach Health Services – San Antonio, TX 
  78. SYNERGY HomeCare – Lubbock, TX 
  79. Outreach Health Services – Victoria, TX 
  80. Faith Home Healthcare, LLC 
  81. Great Oak Senior Care, Inc. 
  82. Visiting Angels – Nashua, NH 
  83. Right at Home – Roselle, IL 
  84. Right at Home – Winchester, VA 
  85. Visiting Angels – South Elgin, IL 
  86. Right at Home – Hillsborough, NJ 
  87. At Your Service Inc. 
  88. Devoted Guardians -Tucson, AZ 
  89. Right at Home – San Antonio, TX 
  90. Home Helpers – Canton, MA 
  91. Abide Home Care, South Georgia Region 
  92. Visiting Angels – Bangor, ME 
  93. Touching Hearts at Home – New Berlin, WI 
  94. Care Around the Block 
  95. FirstLight Home Care of Greater Charlotte 
  96. MGA Homecare – Colorado Springs  
  97. Shepherd’s Staff In-home Care 
  98. ComForCare – Dayton, OH 
  99. Right at Home – Miller Place, NY 
  100. BrightStar Care – UT – Sandy/Draper 

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