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Many home care providers have taken significant steps recently to advance their online and social media presence, including setting up webpages, blogs, and Facebook and Twitter accounts. Many providers, however, have yet to take advantage of LinkedIn as a company marketing resource. Though it may seem like just another social media outlet, LinkedIn provides a unique audience of professionals that you may not be able to reach through other venues. Using LinkedIn to promote your home care business is simple. Here are a few keys to maximizing your account:

1. Create a company page

Similar to company pages on Facebook or Twitter, a company page on LinkedIn is essentially a free advertisement for your site and services. The pages are easy to set up and include a description of your company, a link to your website, and details about your company size, etc. Create a page with a short, professional description of your company, and try to make the page a reflection of your company through quality posts and content. You can find inspiration from other company pages as you set up, though even a very basic, professional page will suffice. You’ll also want to link to your company page through your personal page. This will allow users to put a face and resume to your company, and it will allow your own connections to easily check out your business and contact you.

2. Post frequently

Just like your company blog, your LinkedIn page needs to be updated frequently in order to stay relevant. You should post your latest blog articles, recent company news or updates, events and contests, and articles on related topics from other sites. LinkedIn provides some post analytics that can help you evaluate what content is best and when you should post. According to LinkedIn, those who post 20 times per month reach 60% of their audience. So working up to a post per week day is a good way to increase your online reach.

3. Post smart content

Be careful how you present yourself on LinkedIn. More so than other social media sites, LinkedIn can be a great resource for finding professional referral sources and networking. However, if you present yourself poorly on your company page, you may hurt your credibility. You should maintain a professional tone, and be sure to proofread before you publish. Use short and professional text, and whenever possible use keywords that will tie back to your audience and potential searches. You will also want to invest in quality photos, both personal photos for your company and stock photos for your blog and posts. Consider hiring a professional photographer to photograph you and your business. This will help improve your personal page as well as your company page.

4. Start and join groups

A great way to connect with people is through LinkedIn groups. You can start one yourself or join a few and then begin to actively contribute to the conversations. If you start your own group, use specific keywords in the name and description so that it’s easily searchable. You will also want to invite fellow providers, professionals, and potential referral sources to participate. Next, establish yourself as an authority in the community by answering questions, commenting on posts, and sharing quality content that will benefit your colleagues and demonstrate your expertise.

5. Get your team onboard

Don’t take social media on alone. Make it a team effort. After creating your company page, your employees can become instant representatives of your brand by linking to the page on their personal LinkedIn profiles. Invite everyone to share posts from the page and to follow it on LinkedIn. You may also want to enlist them in creating and sharing content. You can alternate who posts on the page or assign a specific staff member to take over. The more involved and aware your staff members are of your pages, the more traffic they’ll be able to drive to your business.

Adding LinkedIn to your social media repertoire is worth the time, both for the reach of your audience and the legitimacy it adds to your company. You’ll find that as you maximize this tool that you’ll be able to connect with more professional referral sources and build your reputation with industry leaders.

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