For 15 years, the HCP Benchmarking Report has acted as a Northern Star for thousands of providers across North America as they benchmark their business’ performance across the post-acute care industry. The secret to this 200+ page industry how-to manual? You. Learn how to get your voice heard in this year’s Report.

Tens of thousands of providers have contributed to the HCP Benchmarking Report throughout the years. Just last year, we expanded the Report to include data from home health and hospice, in addition to home care. If you’ve never taken the survey, or perhaps want to brush up on how to take it even faster this year, this list of common FAQs is for you. Thank you for making the 200+ page data Report possible.

Why should I participate in the Benchmarking Report Survey?

  • Post-acute care business owners across the country view the HCP Benchmarking Report as the industry’s North Star because it provides valuable data, insights, and metrics from providers across North America to benchmark their performance against industry-standard. A higher participation rate allows for more accurate data and provides a more holistic view of the industry; which enables more targeted decision making, resulting in better care, improved outcomes, and accelerated business growth.

  • Improving the whole continuum of care requires true industry alignment, which can only be achieved through better data. With better data and insights, we can improve the post-acute continuum of care. Plus, the time you spend reviewing your data will offer valuable insights into the operation of your business and ensure that you are positioned to succeed in the upcoming year.

  • We provide a custom state-specific Benchmarking Report for free when enough businesses from a state participate in the survey. By participating, you take your state one step closer to qualifying which gives you even more granular, location-specific data to inform your 2024 decision making.

  • As a survey participant, you won’t just be helping the industry; you’ll also receive a free digital copy of the 2024 Benchmarking Report (valued at $999), and a hard copy for $150 (valued at $1299) if you submit your answers during early-bird participation.

Who should participate in the Benchmarking Report survey?

  • Our survey is open to home care, home health, and/or hospice business owners and admin staff, corporate level executives answering on behalf of businesses, or those managing a home care, home health, and/or hospice division of a larger corporation/hospital.

How can I use the Benchmarking Report in my business?

  • The Report is used by hundreds of post-acute care businesses to learn best practices, analyze their performance, and make more informed decisions. Compare findings based on business size, revenue range, geographic region and more.

  • Compare your company’s financial performance to the industry’s benchmarks.

  • Stay current on trends within home care, home health, and hospice sales, marketing, recruiting, turnover, training, technology, and finance.

  • Learn what works for agencies across the country and where your efforts should be focused.

  • In addition to eye-opening data, the Report includes article contributions from experts in the post-acute space who share their experience and wisdom.


Where can I find all of this information about my business?

  • Many of the questions in the survey will be easy to answer using data from your experience management or EMR, or scheduling software.

  • For questions surrounding recruitment, access your Application Tracking System (ATS). Training-related survey questions will be available through your LMS or internal tracking.

  • The prep worksheet contains the questions in the survey that will likely require some more research on your part.

Where can I track all of this information in one place?

  • HCP offers a prep worksheet that contains questions from the survey that are likely to require some research on your part. Track your data using the worksheet for easier survey completion. Utilizing the prep worksheet isn’t required for participation, but it is highly encouraged.

Will my individual answers be kept confidential?

  • Data that you provide to us is confidential and will not be shared to the public or any third-party. Only specialists on our team will be able to see your data.


How long will it take to complete the survey?

  • Depending on how easy it is for you to gather your data from 2023, your participation time will vary. With the prep worksheet completed, the online survey is estimated to take around 30 minutes to complete.

Can I still participate if I only have a few clients?

  • No matter the size of your business, this is a helpful way for participants to gain a deeper understanding of their own data. There is no better exercise than participating in a study that provides an internal audit of KPIs, benchmarks, and strategic decisions.


I have multiple streams of revenue. Do you need my total revenue or just the revenue from hourly care?

  • List all revenue sources pertaining to home care services, managed care and/or long-term care.


If a client was admitted but never actually received service, do they count for questions about number of new clients in 2024?

  • No, only include clients who received and were billed for service.


How long do I have to complete the survey?

  • The survey is open from January 16 to February 29. The survey can be saved and resumed if you are unable to complete it in one sitting.


Where can I get more help?

  • We’d love to help you! Please send an email to [email protected] with any questions.


15th Annual Edition of the HCP Benchmarking Report

The industry wants to hear from you! Add your voice to years of historical industry data for our 15th Annual Edition of the HCP Benchmarking Report. Complete the survey by February 29,2024 for a FREE digital copy of the 2024 Report.

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