REXBURG, Idaho, December 7, 2021 – Home Care Pulse and SwyftOps are pleased to announce that they have formed an integration partnership, connecting SwyftOps’ management software with Home Care Pulse’s leading Care Intelligence Platform.   

The partnership will give SwyftOps users the ability to seamlessly integrate their client and caregiver lists to effectively manage compliance training, specialty learning paths, certifications, client, and caregiver engagement provided by Home Care Pulse’s online learning and experience management solutions. 

With the data already available, the goal of this integration is to help agency owners reduce time spent updating individual records in order to place more emphasis on other important facets of business.  

“We’re excited to expand our partnership with SwyftOps,” said Todd Austin, President of Home Care Pulse. “With every API integration that we’re able to form, more agencies across the country will have access to one system of record, reducing the amount of double entry and platform jumping.”  

“It’s a priority for us to be able to give home care agencies the tools necessary to improve their level of care through ongoing training, management of client/caregiver satisfaction, and reputation maintenance. The partnership with SwyftOps allows us to do just that,” said Austin.  

This partnership comes as Home Care Pulse is making some significant changes to its platform. Over the coming months, Home Care Pulse will be developing more strategic partnerships to create the ideal experience for its users.  

“An integration between your homecare operating system and your learning platform is a marriage made in the clouds! We’re Imagineering training certifications that automatically update in caregiver profiles, and milestones that trigger rewards in our gamification feature,” says Bruce Berglind, CEO of SwyftOps.  

For more information about the partnership, visit 

About Home Care Pulse:

Home Care Pulse leads the home care industry in experience management, online training, and review management. Through its Care Intelligence Platform, HCP empowers home care providers to attract and retain caregivers even an a historic caregiver shortage. HCP also conducts the annual Home Care Benchmarking Study, the most comprehensive survey of home care providers in North America and administers the annual Best of Home Care awards to agencies that achieve best-in-class client and caregiver satisfaction scores. For more information, visit

About SwyftOps:

SwyftOps has the potential to be the core operating system for your home care business.  Its scalability frees you up to focus on quality and growth.  It’s your secure HIPAA-compliant vault for employee and client data, and the tool to strategically combine that data to offer and assign shifts and form schedules.  It’s your EVV-compliant timekeeping and privacy-assured communication tool.  It’s your FLSA-compliant gross payroll calculator, and your invoice generator for both simple and complex billing scenarios.  It’s your mini-CRM for early business development.  It’s both the origin of and destination for your assessments and care plans, for your care notes, and a permanent document archive. For more information, visit 

HCP’s Care Intelligence Platform offers RN-developed training, satisfaction surveys, and reputation management tools to help you become the best employer and provider in your area—and make sure everyone knows about it.

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