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3 Ways Caregivers Want to Be Recognized

Recognition relates directly to job satisfaction. It is a defining factor in any employee’s sense of worth in the workplace. According to a Gallup poll, employees who report feeling under-recognized at work are three times more likely to quit in the next year. With caregiver turnover at 61.6%, home care [...]

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Ideas for Getting Your Caregivers to Become Proactively Engaged in Training

You have planned important training opportunities for your caregivers during the upcoming months, and now the challenge is to motivate caregivers to attend. You can plan the most informative, valuable training opportunities, but without incentives, your caregivers may not make an effort to attend. True, many caregivers will attend training [...]

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Top 10 Complaints from Home Care Caregivers

We recently wrote about the top 10 complaints we receive from home care clients about their providers or caregivers. Kristi Larson, the Home Care Pulse Director of Customer Development, has also kept track of the top 10 complaints from home care caregivers: 1. Not Getting Paid Enough Sometimes caregivers [...]

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