updated VANTAGE home page

The VANTAGE system has undergone a major redesign, and we’re excited to show you the updates. After reviewing client feedback and carefully considering our clients’ needs, we updated our features and reports to help you better use and understand your client and caregiver feedback each month. Here’s what you’ll find in the new VANTAGE:


1. Use the intuitive left-side navigation menu to access every part of the system from one easy location.


2. Look at the top right corner to see the location, logo, and username of the user who is currently logged into the system.

VANTAGE account user information

3. Instantly search clients, responsible parties, and caregivers by first or last name using the overhead search bar.

search VANTAGE search bar for clients VANTAGE search bar to search for reports

4. View your number of corrections needed next to My Clients or My Caregivers in the main menu.

view corrections added in left-side menu


1. Program Overview: View your number of scheduled interviews for the month and the percent completed, and see what corrections are needed in order to complete your monthly interviews.

VANTAGE Program Overview

2. Client Overview: Get an overview of your last 3 months of client interviews, including your Net Promoter Score, overall satisfaction score, client turnover rate, and your top strengths and priorities.

VANTAGE Client Overview

3. Caregiver Overview: Get an overview of your last 3 months of caregiver interviews, including your Caregiver Engagement Score, overall satisfaction score, client turnover rate, and your top strengths and priorities.

VANTAGE Caregiver Overview

My Clients/My Caregivers

1. View and make the corrections needed directly from the My Clients or My Caregivers page.

VANTAGE My Clients page

2. Using the popup window, view, add, or edit clients or caregivers without leaving the page.

VANTAGE Client Update Pop-up Window

3. Export your client and caregiver lists to Excel.

VANTAGE export client list to Excel

4. Filter your view by category or status, such as active, new, or pending correction.

filter client list in VANTAGE


1. Expanded access to additional reports, such as the Client Strength Index and the Caregiver Monthly Trend Report.

client proof of quality report

Best of Home Care

1. Create a complete, detailed Best of Home Care listing that includes your website, tagline, service area, about section, social media links, and satisfaction scores.

VANTAGE Best of Home Care listing

New Resource Library

1. Access the full VANTAGE Resource Library, including past executive-only workshops and success tools. View new workshop videos and tools each month on relevant industry topics.

VANTAGE Resource Library

We hope you enjoy these VANTAGE updates. If you’re not yet a VANTAGE user and you’d like to learn more about our Satisfaction Management Program, visit our website or request a free consultation. We are confident that this new design will facilitate better engagement with your satisfaction reports, and we look forward to hearing your feedback.

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