The Home Care Pulse blog is a great place to learn about retaining your caregivers, marketing your business, employing quality office staff, and much more. Here are our top 5 most popular articles and a few highlights from each. Enjoy!

5. Tips for Recruiting A+ Caregivers for Your Home Care Business

If you’re looking to hire new caregivers, this article provides great tips and information on what to look for in quality caregivers. Your caregivers are the backbone to your business, so make sure you hire employees that you want representing your home care business. When recruiting for caregivers, here are a few things you can do to help:

  1. Focus on the details– Make sure you list the specific details and requirements for the job. This will reduce the number of resumes you have to sift through.
  2. Briefly describe benefits – Catch their attention by highlighting your health benefits and bonus programs; briefly point out what you have to offer as an employer!
  3. Advertise in the right places – Advertise in the right places. This includes local CNA schools, your website, or even your current caregivers.

To learn more about hiring quality caregivers, read the full article.

4. What is the National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers?

The National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers (NAPGCM) is a non-profit professional organization aimed at helping highly-qualified geriatric care managers succeed in business. GCMs take on a vast array of responsibilities on behalf of their clients—and they are dedicated to their clients’ health and well-being. If you are looking for additional help, GCMs are a great resource.

Here are a few things GCMs can manage for clients:

  • Housing
  • Home Care Services
  • Social Activities
  • Legal
  • Financial

To learn more about what GCMs can do for you, read the full article.       

3. Marketing Your Home Care Business: The Difference Between Consumer and Referral Marketing

This article is a great place to learn different marketing strategies and what strategy will work best for your home care business. In any industry, in order to grow and thrive, you need to have a steady stream of new clients. How you market your business will affect how many new clients you bring in. In the home care industry, most businesses focus on two types of marketing: consumer and referral. It’s important to understand both types of marketing, so here is a quick break down:


Consumer marketing is targeted directly at your potential clients. The goal with consumer marketing is to let people know you exist, and what services you provide.


Referral marketing includes all marketing efforts aimed directly at current clients, doctor’s offices, and other referral sources, as opposed to potential new clients themselves. When you build a relationship with referral sources, they are happy to recommend potential clients to your home care business.

To learn more about these two types of marketing, read the full article.

2. Marketing Your Business to Consumers: Where to Start

This article has information on different marketing strategies and what can work best for your home care business. Knowing where to start for marketing can be an overwhelming task for a new home care provider. Before you begin your marketing campaign, take into account your budget and your goals. Many home care providers will test a type of marketing, like newspaper ads, but that can be costly and may not have the impact you are looking for.

In the article, we discuss marketing strategies that will help you get started. Here are just a few:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Company website
  • Google ads
  • Local press releases

To learn what other types of marketing strategies there are, read the full article. 

1. Home Care Marketing: Obtaining Referrals from Doctors, Hospitals and Sources

This article is for those home care providers looking to expand their marketing opportunities through professional referrals. There are many people you can turn to for professional referrals. Home Care Pulse COO, Erik Madsen, said: “When it comes to referrals, don’t put all of your eggs in one basket! We need to be focused on a variety of different referral sources, so we have potential referrals coming in from each source.”

Here are a few tips listed in the article to help you get started:

  • Create a list of professionals who are potential referral sources
  • Reach out to referral sources and educate them about your business
  • Make it a two-way street—How can you benefit each other?
  • Update and communicate!

Read the full article to discover different types of professional referral sources.

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