Owning a home care business is a stressful endeavor. Between balancing caregiver morale and customer satisfaction, your hands are full. However, being busy doesn’t mean you can’t find areas of your business to improve. In the 2016 Home Care Benchmarking Study, we asked hundreds of home care providers what qualities made their business stand out from their competition, and these were their responses:



Qualified and reliable caregivers can make or break your business. They are the face of your company and are your biggest promoters or your worst detractors. It’s important when you hire a caregiver to ask the right questions and to make sure they are a good fit for your business. To excel at any profession requires passion, and it’s no different with caregiving. Hire caregivers who have a passion for serving and helping others to ensure they have an exceptional work ethic. Look for caregivers who are also confident, compassionate, and competent in order to leave your clients happy and willing to refer their friends or family.

Client Satisfaction

Client satisfaction has a direct impact on the growth of your company. Mailing out surveys or conducting phone interviews is a good way to receive feedback on client satisfaction. According to the 2016 Home Care Benchmarking Study, 36.8% of the seniors interviewed preferred telephone interviews as opposed to only 3.7% who preferred online surveys. Make it a priority to reach out to your clients for feedback and positive criticism, and then review their responses. Programs like the Home Care Pulse satisfaction management program allow you to track your client satisfaction over time and identify specific areas for improvement, so you always know where you stand. If there is only one area out of these five that you can strengthen within in your business, client satisfaction is a natural place to start.

24/7 Availability

If you want to stand out from your competition, providing 24/7 service is also a good option to consider. Many caregivers don’t give out their personal info, which is recommended, but you can set up an on-call phone system that will alert the caregivers to any emergencies. This service provides peace of mind to many seniors and shows them you are committed to their well-being.

Exceptional Customer Service

There are no short cuts when it comes to exceptional customer service; it takes hard work. It’s important to take the time to address each of your client’s specific needs and resolve problems one-on-one. One way to ensure excellent customer service is to provide weekly tips for your office staff or even hold weekly meetings on different topics, like how to deal with angry customers. Continually learning and trying to improve your company’s customer service will only better the care you provide your clients.

Award Winner

Highlighting awards you’ve won, like a Best of Home Care award, sets you apart from your competition. It’s little things like this (that are actually big things) that show potential clients you provide a better experience for them than your competitors. Don’t be afraid to show these awards off! If you have brochures or business cards, place the award icon on them to advertise your hard work and accomplishments. People want to know their loved ones are in competent and professional hands.

There are many home care providers for seniors to choose from who offer similar services to yours, which may make it difficult for your company stand out. However, by choosing even one of these areas to strengthen, you will be on your way to setting your business apart.

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