An action plan to help you qualify for a Best of Home Care Award next year.

In 2023, there were 320 first-time Best of Home Care Award-winning locations. This year: you’re next.

Whether you didn’t qualify for a Best of Home Care Award this year or you’re brushing up on how to qualify for a new award next year—we’re here to help.

These awards serve as powerful marketing tools that prove your commitment to quality, draw customers and employees to you, and start the referral conversations you’ve been hoping for.

Learn why you may not have qualified for an award this year, then follow our action plan to take home a Best of Home Care Award next year:

  • Use client and caregiver feedback to improve your OSAT scores.

  • Communicate with your clients ahead of time to get enough client experience surveys.

  • Use the program consistently to achieve results.


#1: Use client and caregiver feedback to improve your OSAT scores.

Your Overall Satisfaction (OSAT) score represents the average of how highly your clients and caregivers rated your agency in 5 different categories. To be eligible to receive an award, your OSAT scores must be 8.75 or higher.

OSAT scores are collected using our Experience Management program. Our team will survey your clients and caregivers to get their unbiased feedback, then help you make changes based on the feedback.

Solution: Use the data from your Experience Management surveys to identify your weakest scores and opportunities for improvement, then make an action plan.

HCP Experience Management allows your customers and employees to give anonymous feedback to an impartial source. Using a third party lets you learn the good, bad, and ugly about your agency that staff and customers may not be willing to share with you directly. Once you find out how they truly feel, it is time to take action and improve their experience with your agency.

Learn from the best: SYNERGY HomeCare of Carlisle became a 6-time Leader in Experience award winner who reduced caregiver turnover by 25% with our HCP Experience Management tool.

#2: Communicate with your clients ahead of time to get enough client experience surveys.

The Provider of Choice, Employer of Choice, and Leader in Experience awards all require a minimum number of completed customer/employee surveys.

As the most vulnerable demographic to fraudulent calls, your customers will understandably be on guard or defensive while answering the phone. This requirement is tricky to fulfill when your customers are not expecting a call from a third party on behalf of your agency.

Solution: Send inform letters every 6 months and include them in your onboarding process to prepare your customers/employees to participate in surveys.

These surveys are the best opportunity for your customers to have their voice heard, so we’ve made it easier for you to prepare them to participate with inform letters.

If you find you aren’t getting as many customer surveys as you would like, check to see when you last sent out an inform letter explaining why you partnered with HCP, what to expect in the phone call, and answering FAQs about how feedback will be used.

Each inform letter also comes with a phone number specific to your office with your local area code. Customers can expect to receive HCP survey phone calls from that number every time; consider suggesting they add it to their phone contacts in case they forget by the time they receive a call.

Ensuring enough customers answer the phone to take our surveys begins with you, and is only an inform letter away.

#3: Use the program consistently to achieve results.

If you are new to HCP, Welcome! Our Best of Home Care Award winners for Employer of Choice, Provider of Choice, and Leader in Experience are chosen from the unbiased feedback we collect from your customers and employees. To that end, agencies must be using HCP Experience Management to qualify for an award.

The Provider of Choice and Employer of Choice awards require agencies to actively survey customers or staff for at least 6 consecutive months. The Leader in Experience award requires agencies to actively survey both customers and staff for at least one calendar year.

Solution: Start using HCP Experience Management, then keep it up for at least 6 months to be eligible for a Best of Home Care Award.

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With this action plan, we wouldn’t be surprised if you’re already rehearsing your acceptance speech for next year. In the meantime, feature your commitment to providing quality home care services with your HCP Customer Badge.

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