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Vision- The Home Care Leaders Podcast by Home Care Pulse
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How to Use Your Training Program to Boost Caregiver Engagement

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Welcome to Vision: The Home Care Leaders Podcast—a podcast that gives you an inside look at what’s happening in the home care industry. Host Melissa Mendez, from Home Care Pulse sits down with agency executives to discuss pressing challenges, operational best practices, rising trends, and answer top-of-mind questions from providers around the nation. Catch a new episode of Vision, every Tuesday.

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  • Olivia Jones, Executive Vice President of Care Advantage Inc. has been working in personal care for 23 years and is here to highlight five secrets to improve your home care scheduling processes.

    In this episode we'll discuss: - What the five secrets are - How Olivia has seen these secrets work effectively across their 27 locations - What results you can expect to see from implementing these secrets

  • Brett Ringold, Vice President of family-owned agency, A Long Term Companion is here to highlight his decade of experience recruiting and retaining caregivers after having been a recipient of home care himself. We'll dive into office staff culture, mastering caregiver scheduling, measuring caregiver satisfaction, refining your onboarding process and much more. Tune in to learn tips that you can begin implementing in your home care business today!

  • Barbara Karnes, author of 'Gone From My Sight', 'The Little Blue Book' and 'The 11th Hour' shares what she's learned from 40+ years of experience educating and training care workers on the end of life experience.

    She's known as the pioneer of the hospice industry and with over 30 million copies sold of her books, she's the expert on all topics around death and end of life.

  • Mitch Williams, Owner of Home Helpers, San Mateo is the only home care agency in California to win the Best of Home Care Leader in Excellence Award six years in a row. He’s here to share when, why and what outcomes they’ve driven while measuring client and caregiver satisfaction.

  • Kevin Smith, CEO of Best of Care in the greater Boston area shares what's top of mind for him as his multi-million dollar independent agency continues to grow at an accelerated rate.

    In this episode, we'll hit on:

    - COVID vaccine rollout and messaging - Scaling your HR Department - Pressure testing your administrative infrastructure - Pursuing opportunities: quality vs quantity - Growing from $5M to $10M and beyond

  • Amy Selle, Vice President and Erica Horner, Home Care Sales Consultant at corecubed breakdown which sales strategies will continue to work for our industry as remote work, digital communication and COVID still dictate the ongoing landscape.

  • Marissa Snook, President/CEO and Stacie Gillespie, Director of Search Marketing at corecubed download major trends in digital marketing that home care owners need to take advantage of and watch out for in 2021.

  • Jessica Nobles, Founder of Nobility Care Solutions and Executive Administrator of Home Care Ops is here to share how to validate and give a voice to your caregivers, the importance of an EVP and what the hierarchy structure looks like for her care team.

  • Jake Rankin, the Founder and CEO of Talem Home Care & Placement Services out of Broomfield, Colorado answers the top 5 questions home care providers are asking to fuel growth as we launch into a new year.

  • Howard Stein, Owner of Home Helpers in Monmouth County, NJ started his agency in February 2020 — here's what he experienced jumping into the industry, hiring his first employees and operating an agency amidst a pandemic.

  • Aaron Marcum, Founder of Home Care Pulse is here to talk about starting his own agency in 2001, how his experience led him to found Home Care Pulse and why measuring client/caregiver satisfaction will improve the external care you provide and internal culture you create.

  • Kamran Nasser, Founder and CEO of NuevaCare in San Mateo, California is here to tell us how he built the #3 fastest-growing private company in Silicon Valley back in 2017. He ran NuevaCare successfully for just 4 years before he sold it — here's the story.


Melissa Mendez

Vision Host, Customer Marketing Specialist – Home Care Pulse

Melissa’s background in customer service and adult learning has grown into an eagerness to help agency owners and their caregivers improve client care through education and training.

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