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About Wendie Colvin, MSN, RN

Ms. Colvin is a subject matter expert in many facets of community health nursing, from acute care emergency medicine to home health and hospice. She has practiced at the bedside in multiple settings and also has extensive experience as a patient care manager and educator in home health and hospice. Ms. Colvin earned her Master’s of Science in Nursing with an education focus from Walden University. She has created dozens of educational webinars, skills assessments, and orientation programs for home health and hospice clinicians and agency partners.

Stereotypes and Social Determinants of Health: 5 Steps to Deal with Conscious and Unconscious Bias in Post-Acute Care

Mar 16, 2023|Articles, Care For Your Clients|

Just as every individual has their own social determinants of health, every person is capable of stereotyping and exhibiting those unconscious or conscious biases. It’s okay to admit that everyone has biases; the key is to recognize and resolve these biases before any damage occurs, like disparities in the quality of patient care that is provided.

Replacing the Clock Batteries: Person-Centered Care for Alzheimer’s, Dementia, and Related Disorders

Jun 28, 2022|Articles, Hospice|

While medical records can't tell the stories that patients with Alzheimer’s deserve, home care and hospice professionals can. This Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness Month, you can better honor those lost in dementia symptoms by practicing person-centered care to make the transition more comfortable for everyone involved in the care process.