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The list you’ve been waiting for. If you read and watch nothing else from HCP this year, these are the staff-favorite resources you can’t afford to miss.

Didn’t have time to consume our 55 blog articles, 54 HCTV videos, 24 podcast episodes, 12 webinars, and 2 industry reports this year? We don’t blame you.

That’s why we polled our content experts on their favorite free resources that we’ve produced in 2022 to help you get a head start on business in the new year.

Take a look at our ultimate resource list of staff picks that will help you:

  • Improve training and staff development

  • Increase client and care staff retention

  • Stay updated on major shifts in the industry like OASIS-E


Improve Training & Staff Development

The Ultimate Guide to Caregiver Training in 2022

Why it’s our pick: We surveyed 80,000 professionals, and lack of adequate training jumped to the #1 industry complaint for both care staff and clients/patients this year. The vote among agency owners is unanimous: training has never been more important.

How it will help you: Read everything you need to know about training, from starting a professional training program to evaluating your curriculum’s Return on Investment, and everything in between. This comprehensive guide to training will turn your caregivers’ number one complaint into your agency’s best marketing, recruitment, and retention asset.


2022 State of Training Report

state of training report

Why it’s our pick: Between July 27th and August 19th, 2022, we followed up with hundreds of agencies who provide post-acute care services to find out why training has become everyone’s top complaint. During the 10-minute online survey, agencies were asked to share more about their challenges, successes, and future goals.

How it will help you: In this first of its kind industry training report, browse through dozens of data points to compare your training with others and benchmark yourself against the competition.

Training Requirements by U.S. States

U.S. state requirements

Why it’s our pick: According to the 2022 State of Training Report, providers are putting training for compliance at the very top of their to-do list. As a result, HCP’s clinical content team made it easier for you to access accurate information about your state’s local training requirements in one place.

How it will help you: This interactive map of the United States serves as an informal tool to help you maintain compliance. Hover and click on any state to learn details about their local compliance requirements and what HCP recommends for your state.

Dozens of compliance topics developed to meet state and federal regulations.

Holding Onto the Heart of Hospice While Embracing Standardized Quality Outcomes

Why it’s our pick: As we begin our second year of new standardized quality measures, you might be wondering how the measures from the hospice quality report program and the coming standardized Hospice Outcomes and Patient Evaluation (HOPE) tool will impact your ability to provide the individualized care that allows you to meet patients where they are.

Will the need to report the same data on every patient mean that individualized care must go by the wayside?

How it will help you: Learn why reporting the same data on every patient can be used to enhance individualized care.

Increase Client & Care Staff Retention

Supercharge the Power of Your Net Promoter Score (NPS):


Why it’s our pick: Your NPS is one of the most powerful metrics your agency can use to turn threats into opportunities. After surveying 100,000 clients, we’ve learned exactly how you can uncover the patterns behind your NPS to utilize each one of your promoters, passives, and detractors like a pro.

How it will help you: Learn how to actively manage the client experience from all 3 levels of client satisfaction to build a stronger employer brand and foundation for long-term growth.


Return on Investment Calculators:

  • Revenue Opportunity Calculator

    Why it’s our pick: Last year, over 85% of agencies had to turn away a client or patient due to staff shortages—but how much revenue are you leaving on the table by doing so? How many cases can you afford to accept? We’ve done the math for you.

    How it will help you: Calculate the expected revenue from new clients to see if it’s worth hiring additional staff or increasing your current employees’ wages to get them to stick around.

  • Lost Training Investment Calculator

    Why it’s our pick: The post-acute care industry ranks in the top 5 industries affected by workforce shortages, with a 65% annual employee turnover rate. As 2/3 of your staff is projected to quit by the end of next year, how do you know if your training program is giving you the best bang for your buck? Leave the math to us.

    How it will help you: Calculate your lost training investment to see how much you’re spending on training employees who quit shortly after joining and what you can do to fix their onboarding experience.


Master Recruiting Series

Why it’s our pick: Nearly 100% of all agencies reported that staff shortages had a negative impact on their business last year, so we partnered with the recruitment specialists at CareWork to put together a course specifically designed to provide agency owners and operators with a data-based strategy to overcome any hiring challenges.

How it will help you: This training breaks down the key steps you need to have the upper hand in finding, hiring, and keeping the best care staff on the market while building a strong foundation for success with your recruitment efforts.


The 13th Annual Edition of the HCP Benchmarking Report

HCP Benchmarking Report

Why it’s our pick: In the industry’s most comprehensive annual report, we share exclusive metrics from the thousands of surveys we perform each year. This report guides our articles by letting us know the type of content providers like you need most.

How it will help you: Hop on the latest industry trends and see how your agency compares to your competitors. Make data-driven decisions for your agency in 2023 by signing up to receive your own copy.

(While this is the only resource on this list that isn’t free, you can participate in next year’s survey to receive the digital 2023 HCP Benchmarking Report completely free!)

Be a part of the 2023 Survey for the HCP Benchmarking Report

Get the data you need to make informed decisions from the most comprehensive report in the industry.

Stay Updated on Major Shifts in the Industry like OASIS-E

OASIS D-1 to OASIS E Crosswalk

OASIS D-1 to OASIS-E Crosswalk

Why it’s our pick: On January 1, 2023, OASIS-E will take effect in a regulatory update that will significantly impact home health agencies. This color-coded 4-page crosswalk provides a concise reference of each OASIS-E assessment category and code, including a flag of which OASIS assessment items have been removed, updated, and newly created.

How it will help you: Prepare your staff for the expected changes in the new year. This standalone resource, which can also be used alongside our OASIS-E training, will help you immediately implement new procedures in the field. Use this crosswalk as a daily tool for your clinicians to navigate changes and know exactly where to find every assessment item within the new OASIS-E.

HCP Training Bundle Graphic
online home care training for caregivers, clinicians, and CNAs through Home Care Pulse

Streamline OASIS-E Training

Ensure OASIS-E data accuracy and valuable reimbursement by preparing your staff now with our OASIS-E online training program.

HCTV’s OASIS-E Quick Minutes

Why it’s our pick: Navigating the 16 OASIS-E sections can be challenging. Since the updates are scheduled to take place at the start of 2023, we’ve broken it down for you into bite-sized educational clips to get you up to speed fast.

How it will help you: Watch the HCTV video series dedicated to outlining what you can expect in each OASIS-E section. Ensure there are no surprises in the New Year by watching the 16 Quick Minute videos.


Monkeypox Fact Sheet

Why it’s our pick: This fact sheet provides a comprehensive look at everything you need to know about the recent outbreak of the Orthopoxvirus, also known as “monkeypox.”

How it will help you: Educate your care staff on how they can stay safe while keeping those in their care safe from Orthopoxvirus. This fact sheet will help your team identify the signs and symptoms of Monkeypox, learn how to prevent virus transmission and infection, and care for those infected.

Stay tuned for more helpful fact sheets like this coming in 2023!

As we reflect on this past year, the vote is unanimous: the best part of our 2022 was YOU.

That’s why we’re here to help you start the new year off right. Let us know in the comments what piece of content resonated with you the most this year and what you would like to see more of in 2023.

Thank you for making us a part of your year and for choosing HCP as your top resource for home-based content.

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